Creating a Stunning Grazing Table


Grazing tables are becoming increasingly popular at wedding receptions to provide guests with a more festive buffet to enjoy while mingling.


If you have not yet thought about having a wedding grazing table, don’t worry! We have come up with a few ideas that will totally elevate the entire reception’s look.


With these fun, festive wedding grazing tables, you will not have to book an entire staff all night. Your guests can eat wedding snacks as often as they please. Take a look at these fun ideas for when you start planning your wedding.

Adding In Different Height and Dimensions

Even if a lot of the wedding snacks you’ll be offering are the same height, you can make them appear different. Using smaller stacking tables, you can create stunning images that will appeal to and attract your guests.


Grab a variety of plates, bowls, and shelves to create a stunning look. Even if the snacks don’t seem fancy, this will elevate the look of your entire reception.

Stick With Your Theme

If your wedding theme is vegan and natural, stick with raw fruits and vegetables. When in doubt, always stick with the theme you originally chose.


Throwing a rustic wedding? No problem! Use old wine barrels as your snack tables. You can create statement centerpieces with unique items and serve food off of them.


For example, if your theme is around the world, you can set up suitcases next to globes! This is a fun way to be unique and capture everyone’s attention.

Use Candles

Not every bride and groom is planning to throw a massive wedding, and that’s okay. If you are looking for a small wedding grazing table or need to use fewer snacks, fill in gaps with candles.


Luckily, there are tons of shapes and sizes to choose from. This is perfect for couples throwing a small and romantic wedding.

Add Your Colors

In between wedding snacks or around the table, add in flowers or greenery. You can even use it to separate foods on the table. It will help catch the eyes of your guests and will tie the food into the theme. Pick flowers that are similar to your wedding colors.

Make Signs

You can find tons of signs that will match the theme of your wedding and then utilize them for your wedding grazing table. Label each snack item with a mini sign. This is cute but will also help your guests identify the food they will eat.

Frame The Food

One way to ensure everyone sees where the snacks are is by framing it somehow. You can use flowers, foliage, or even a backdrop. This will capture everyone’s eye and direct them to the right place for when they get hungry.


One of the best things about using our Georgia venue is that there is tons of scenery that you can use to set up the perfect location for your grazing table. It’s time to get snacking!