So, you’re probably looking for the perfect venue at the moment and you have a budget, right? Well, if you don’t have one yet, you probably will create one somewhere along the way. And you’ve found Spring Lake, which you’re totally swooning over (we know, we swoon over it every day), but you’re not quite sure how to make your budget work with your dream wedding venue for vintage weddings. Don’t worry; we’re here to help!

How Much Does A Small Wedding Cost?

The easiest way to save money on your wedding is to choose an affordable wedding venue (ahem). You’ll want to look for a venue that can accommodate your guest list (about 200 sound right?), can provide amazing food (good ol’ southern barbecue what you’re looking for?), and a ton of extras (like flowers, a rainy-day option, and all the seating you’ll need for the whole event). Don’t get us wrong, the venue isn’t going to comprise your entire budget, but it’s usually the bulk of the expenses for the wedding day, so you definitely want to make sure it’s a good fit. And it’s important to find a venue that won’t nickel and dime you the entire way through the process.

The Easiest Way To Save Money On Your Wedding

There are actually some venues out there that will do just that: charge you for every little option. Yep, “Want to get married down by the lake? Oh, that’s an extra $200.” Not us. We know you want to get married down by the lake and the pews are already there waiting on you. And we don’t charge you extra if you opt to hold the ceremony somewhere else. Our rainy day option is always available and ready to be the ceremony location at a (few) moment’s notice, and guess what?

That doesn’t cost extra! As a matter of fact, when you open our pricing brochure, you’ll find that all our packages are pretty straight forward. We don’t make you call to find out how much our venue costs. We don’t even make you email us to get your hands on our pricing. It’s all right there on our website. It makes it easy to plan your wedding day and easy to work into your budget because you can tell exactly what’s included in the price.

And you have tons of options for the food, too. Yeah, we mentioned barbecue, but don’t be shy! We have a ton more options if you’re looking for a more formal or elegant dining experience for your guests. While we’re on the subject of our packages, how many other venues include flowers? I mean, really?

Find An Affordable Wedding Venue

Okay, so this blog post went a little off course, but we created our packages to be totally affordable to real couples. And not only that, but we pride ourselves on being transparent and easy to deal with…right down to our pricing and packages. Have a look, you might be surprised what you find. :)