How to Pull Off a Themed Wedding


Some couples have bonded over their favorite books or movies and when they get married, they want a themed wedding. But how easy is it to pull off a themed wedding?


It may be easier than you think. Whether you’re looking for a Harry Potter theme, traveling around the world, or something funky like a mad hatter tea party, these ideas will help you pull off the perfect themed wedding.

First, Pick a Theme

This seems like the most logical step, but it can truly be a hassle to pick one cohesive theme. You can choose anything from a winter wonderland to your favorite decade. Once you and your partner are happy with the theme you’ve picked it’s time to get down to the details.

Consider Hiring an Expert

Any wedding will have tons of detail that can be easily overlooked. You will be coordinating tons of people.


However, a themed wedding can have even more details to look after. You will need to find friends who understand the theme and style you’re going for but also consider hiring a professional to help you.


When you choose a theme, you will likely have a vision that you want to go for, and this can be best achieved with a professional planner or decorator.

Focus On a Budget

One of the least fun aspects of wedding planning is realizing that there will be a budget involved. Themed weddings can easily get very expensive if you don’t set your budget first thing.


Once you pick a theme and get a group of friends together to help plan, it is time to sit down with your partner and talk about what you realistically can afford. Every little detail will add up.

Find the Right Venue

The best thing about throwing a themed wedding is that there are tons of different venues to choose from. You can tour multiple venues to find the one that best matches your wedding theme.


Envision yourself walking down the aisle, eating with your family, and celebrating the start of your new life. Keep in mind you can always tour your venue more than once.

Create a Mock Menu

One aspect of the theme that many people forget about is food. You can choose to do a cake based on your wedding theme but also appetizers and entrees that give the same vibe and appeal.


If you’re doing a mad hatter tea party you can choose colorful macaroons, berries, and tea cakes to start, plus your favorite kind of tea! Or you may consider a grazing table for your guests.


Everything you do can be tied into your theme so it’s important to create a mock menu. This will also help you stick to a budget.