If you love the magical world of Harry Potter, you are not alone. Many young adults and even older adults love the Harry Potter books and wish to live as if they are in that world. Imagine having a themed wedding based on the Harry Potter books?


Throwing a themed Harry Potter wedding is no longer unheard of, and some of the ideas for these themed weddings are jaw-dropping. If you are planning a Harry Potter wedding for 2022, take a look at these ideas to get the ball rolling. 

Harry Potter Wedding 2022 Ideas

If you live and breathe all things magical, it is time to consider a wedding filled with magic and witchcraft. You can base your Harry Potter wedding around whatever house you vibe with the most or, better yet, group each family and friend in their “houses” or tables! There are so many creative ways to throw in Harry Potter wedding decor. 

Opt for Candles

You will notice about the dining room in all of the Harry Potter movies that there are tons of candles in use. You can use tons of candles to give your dining room witchy vibes. The best news is, this is not the most expensive decor to choose from; you may even save money on lighting. 

Wands At Exit

Some people throw rice as a bride and groom leave the venue, but what if you added a little bit more magic to it? Instead of handing out rice, give your guests wands. This will make for an amazing photo!

Harry Potter Bites

Instead of going for traditional treats, add Harry Potter macaroons and cupcakes to the menu. These are easy to decorate with symbols and will be a tasty treat for your guests. 

Chocolate Frogs

One of the most magical moments in the Harry Potter movies was when the little chocolate frog jumped out of the package. Create fun wedding favors for your guests and include intricate boxes filled with chocolate frogs. 

Hogwarts Invites

Some of us dream of waking up to a Hogwarts acceptance letter. Make your guests’ dreams come true by creating invites with the same theme. 

Harry Potter Accessories

The witchcraft and wizardry world is a huge hit in this modern era. Luckily, this means you have access to tons of beautiful Harry Potter accessories. Throw them on your dress and in your hair!

Dress Up 

Of course, you can dress up in a dress that screams magic, but you can also have the wedding officiant dress up too. What better way to show off the magic than having a wizard give you the vows?

Golden Snitch

If you don’t want cupcakes, try out a simple cake with a golden snitch on top. Add in signs saying you caught the golden snitch. It’s a fun way of feeling like a winner while adding in a bit of magic to the cake cutting ceremony. 

Creating a Magical Moment

There are so many things you can do like cocktail potions and adding themed signs to your decor. There are easy ways to create magical moments for your Georgia wedding. It’s time to start planning your Harry Potter wedding for 2022.