Wedding Catering in Georgia

As you well know it takes a lot of moving parts and a lot of hands pitching in to help to pull off the wedding of your dreams.  Here at Spring Lake Events making wedding day dreams come true is what we do on a daily basis, but we couldn’t do it at all without the amazing and talented vendors that we work with to ensure that every single detail is perfect for your big day.

Today we wanted to take a second to highlight, and yes, honor, one of our favorite caterers, and one of our favorite restaurants, The Steak House in Rockmart, Georgia.

We are proud to feature The Steak House in Rockmart, Georgia as the caterer in our Lakeside Package and Willow Tree Package.  We have gotten to work with a lot of different vendors over the years, but we don’t feature them all on our website, and we don’t include just any vendor in with our package deals, so you know right away that The Steak House is a pretty special place.  They have earned our trust, our confidence, and found the way straight to our hearts – through our stomachs.

Southern Wedding Venue Caterers

We’ve had the privilege to work with The Steak House in Rockmart, Georgia to cater some of our many events and let me tell you, they never disappoint.  Southern weddings are all about love, family, fun, and yes, food, food, FOOD!  No special event is complete without a delicious meal, right?  Well, food, family, love, and fun are all areas where The Steak House delivers.

Their food is incredible, ya’ll.  Whether you are ordering steak, chicken, or seafood you will not be disappointed when you start to dig in.  And their offerings for side dishes, mmm, talk about comfort food.  Fried green tomatoes, spicy n’awlins shrimp, gooey cheese fries, onions rings, fried pickles, and more of your southern favorites claim a spot on their menu.

Delicious Wedding Catering

At The Steak House, portions will please even the heartiest appetite, and their prices are set just right.  You are going to love digging into to one of their delicious signature dishes, such as their porterhouse steak, the burgundy peppercorn sirloin, flat-iron steak, the t-bone which is a classic favorite, or their ribeye which can be seasoned regular or Cajun.  They have delicious sandwiches that you will love such as the prime rib sandwich, the chicken sandwich, or the steakhouse burger platter.  Mmm, my stomach is growling just thinking about it!

Established in 1998, The Steak House has been around serving the community and our families with love for a long time.  They put their whole hearts into what they do, and that is why they do it so well!  Any customer of The Steak House will tell you that a night out at there is well worth the trip for the juicy steaks, the great people, and the great place, even if you have to drive a-ways to get there!  If you have not yet been there, you have got to get out to their restaurant, it is down at 414 Baldwin Road in this great old farmhouse.  You will immediately be able to tell why their mission is, and always has been, “big city dining experiences with small-town heart.”  One of the best things about choosing The Steak House to cater your wedding reception is that food is going to come to you, am I right?

Georgia Wedding Venue Packages

At Spring Lake Events our brides, grooms, and their families are our families, and we do everything in our power to make every last detail of your big day perfect.  We love The Steak House because that is exactly what they do too!  When you work with The Steak House you won’t just be getting amazing food at a great price, you are going to get the chance to work with some really great people too.

You and your guests are going to love the results when you choose The Steak House to cater for your wedding reception, and if you decide to head on down to the restaurant and check them out on their home turf as well.  All of this is why we are proud to feature The Steak House in Rockmart, Georgia as one of our featured vendors, and why we love to work with them and include them in the Lakeside Wedding Package and the Willow Tree Package.  The Steak House is going to feed your guests up right and help you make the wedding of your dreams a reality right down to the very last detail.