Not only is finding the perfect Georgia wedding venue overwhelming (We hope you’ve found the perfect place now, though!!) but making a wedding registry can be overwhelming, too. There are hundreds and hundreds of options for places and websites you can create one! The whole process can leave your head spinning, and the overwhelm can lead to procrastination. Not to worry! We’ve put together a list of the most popular and useful registries around. Let’s take a look! 


Amazon is pretty much taking over the world, so it’s no wonder that this is the most popular registry option in the country. Not only is it convenient, but you can find almost ANYTHING on Amazon! So while you will, of course, need your most traditional items, there may be some less traditional items you’d like to add that will be accessible to you. So many people have Prime now that shipping times will be short and sweet. Also, did you know you can add other items from other sites onto your Amazon list? So on the off chance that Amazon doesn’t have what you need, you can still include it along with a link! Their customer service makes returns and exchanges a breeze. It’s user-friendly for your guests, and will even keep a list of who bought you what along with their address to make sending thank you notes easy peasy. This one really seems like a no-brainer! 


Of course, Target makes the cut! It’s become a powerhouse in the home decor and accessories space! There is bound to be a Target in your area. Having a physical location to visit is a plus for some couples, so it’s wise to pick somewhere with easily accessible locations. They have a one-year return policy for registry items, which is another huge plus! If you’re six months in and realize you’ve never used an item and don’t plan to, you can take it back and replace it with something you need. 

Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Bed, Bath, and Beyond is another chart-topper as far as registries go! This is kind of their bread and butter. They may not offer as wide of a variety of different departments as Target, but household items is where they shine, and their selection as far as that is bigger and better. Like Target, they also have a one-year return policy. Another bonus? They offer in-house registry consultants to help you figure out exactly what you need, and maybe even give you some ideas you hadn’t thought about! 

Crate and Barrel

If you are looking for more exclusive products, but want to be able to see them in-store first, Crate and Barrel might be for you. They’ll have items you just won’t find anywhere else, which is appealing to some! Like Amazon, they’ll keep track of a “thank you” list, which will make your life a lot easier. Their return window is short (90 days), so you’ll need to be a bit more careful that you are sure of what you want, but the cool, unique items make up for that con! 


Zola gives you a website interface that is the hub of your registry. You can customize it, and add things from different websites. They offer the easy thank you list feature, but also a few other features the others just don’t have. When a gift is purchased, you can decide if you want it shipped to you right away, or if you’d like to wait. That can make all the difference if you are planning a move, don’t have space yet, etc. If you’ve changed your mind about an item, but it is already purchased, you can decide if you want it or exchange it right away, before it’s even shipped to you. You can also ask for more than household items! You can start a cash fund, ask for experiences, have guests contribute to your honeymoon, and more. The website is free to use and offers you such a customizable option.