So, What Is The Difference Between a Matron of Honor And a Maid of Honor?


When your soon-to-be husband proposes to you, there will be so many things to think about before you actually get married. You will think about who you want at the wedding and their roles. You may have heard of maid of honors, but have you ever heard of matron of honors? What is the difference and which should be at your wedding?


Keep in mind that this is your day and you can have as many people at your wedding as you want. On the other hand, you don’t even technically need a bridal party if that isn’t something you desire. It’s okay, you can do whatever you want, it’s your event!


The difference between a maid of honor and a matron of honor is their own relationship status. Traditionally a maid of honor is unmarried while a matron of honor is already married. The good news is most of the roles are the same for both sayings, it just depends on how formal you want to be at your wedding.

Do You Need a Maid of Honor?

Even if you decide to have a wedding party, you actually don’t need to have a maid of honor. This is a lot of pressure on one person and you may not feel like you need one for your wedding. Maid of honor responsibilities can be too much for one person to handle, but some of your friends may really love this responsibility. 

What Are Matron of Honor Duties or Maid of Honor Responsibilities?

Whether you decide on a matron of honor or maid of honor, they do more than just pose for the pictures in your wedding. The maid of honor’s responsibility is to help be a wedding planner. They help host the bachelorette and plan it out, but they also help throw a bridal shower or party and more. 


A maid of honor is a bride’s right-hand man or woman during this whole event. They keep tabs on wedding gifts, thank you cards, invites, RSVPs, and way more. This is tons of pressure, even for your best friend, who may seem like they’re super put together. 

Can You Have a Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor?

Some people choose to not have bridal parties at all; other brides choose to have huge bridal parties. The bigger yours is, the more likely you will want two instead of one. That is perfectly okay! It is a lot of pressure for one person to handle, and you can have both at your wedding party. 


This might actually make it easier to manage everyone, especially for a massive wedding. There are no rules about who can or cannot be your maid of honor, and no rules state you can only have one. 


Even if you are not having a huge bridal party, you might still want two roles for both best friends. This is okay, it’s your wedding, and you can customize it however you want. 

How To Incorporate Two MOH’s?

You will want to find ways to show off two of the most important people at your wedding. One of the best ways to do this is fine outfits that stand out from the crowd. This can contrast your bridal gown, and guests will know to go to them for any questions. Their outfits can be different from the other bridesmaids with some extra bling or different flower bouquets. 


Maid of honor responsibilities can be hard to handle alone, but so can matron of honor duties. It may be easier for you to not have a bridal party but you can also choose to have both in your wedding. No matter what you decide, remember that it is your wedding and you can do whatever makes you happiest.