How To Choose Your Bridal Party

When choosing people to be a part of your bridal party, this isn’t something you should take lightly. These people are going to be who you rely on most as you go through the process of planning a vintage wedding in Georgia. Here are some key components you should take into account when choosing groomsmen and bridesmaids.


It is best to start with your family! Your siblings are the best options when choosing your bridal party. They are family and always have your back! If your siblings are very young, you can consider them to be ushers or jr. attendants. You can also consider having the opposite sex in your party. For example, there is nothing that says the bride can’t have her brother be a bridesmaid or a maid of honor. Same goes for the groom, his sister can be in his party. 


While having your groomsmen and bridesmaids participate in your wedding, you may also need their help when it comes to wedding planning. They may not be super in depth involved with the planning process, but if you need something done on your behalf, this is where they come in. You want someone who is reliable on your team. So if you have a friend or even sibling that is constantly canceling on plans with you, always shows up late or never answers when you call; they may not be the best option. You are already going to be stressed out, and having to babysit someone who is unreliable will make everything much more difficult and stressful for you.


Before asking people to become your bridesmaid or groomsmen, you need to take into account their personality. You want your bridal party to get along with each other, so make sure you take into account everyone’s personalities. Will your one friend get along with your other friends? Will some of your siblings ignore your one friend? Is your friend known for getting into altercations? You don’t want fights to break out and you don’t want drama within your party.


Being a groomsmen or a bridesmaid is expensive! Even if you are paying for the accommodations for the hotel, there are still lots of other expenses you must take into consideration. Dresses and suits are expensive. If you choose to have someone come in from out of state, will they be able to afford the flight? Same goes for a destination wedding. There are also bachelor and bachelorette parties. Some people may not be able to afford it, so keep this in mind when asking and also if they have to sadly reject your proposal. There are still ways you can include them in the wedding though!


When it comes to childhood friends, your sibling or even friends you just recently met, you have to mind everyone’s feelings. Sometimes having fewer bridesmaids and groomsmen is the way to go so no one feels left out. The smaller the group, the less stress you will have to deal with. It is hard to choose between two people who love and care for, so try to take into account who you want by your side and also who wouldn’t be too upset by not being chosen.