Bridal Party Reception Ideas

When it comes to entering the reception in vintage wedding style, the bridal party knows how to make an entrance! Here are some great examples so that your bridal party can make a grand entrance for your special day.


Pick the music you would like your party to enter to and inform them before hand. As the background music with the fabulous groomsmen and bridesmaids follow. By pairing them up together, this is a great chance for the pair to do a fun dance together then begging forming a circle in the middle of the dance floor. Then finally the new couple will follow as they dance to the middle of the circle of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Next the bride and groom will separate with their bridal parties and dance their pre-rehearsed choreography. It is a fun way for everyone to show off some moves and let loose after all the stress of planning!

Sports Fans?

 If you and your spouse are huge basketball fans, or if your spouse is in a Professional Basketball team then this is perfect! As your reception starts, you can have each member of your bridal party become introduced exactly how the NBA announces their starting line up. Or if you are both into football, you can do something similar to a “tunnel walk”.

Get Crazy!

The groomsmen and bridesmaids can let loose however they see fit! They can do leap frogs over each other. Maybe one of the groomsmen can do a cartwheel. Make up silly dances with each other. If you plan on having a country themed wedding, then maybe they can do a fun line-dance! One time there was even a wedding where a groomsmen pretended he was being trained as a dog by a bridesmaid, he even did “roll-over”! Having fun on your special day is important for everyone, so let them get a little crazy!

The Introduction

As each bridesmaid and groomsmen make their way down, you can have the announcer introduce the and list some silly or unique facts about everyone in the party. It is a fun way for the guests to get to know the groomsmen and bridesmaids a little bit. You can list some of their hobbies, pet peeves, what they are most known for in their friend group. For example: “And here comes Miss. Alice Roberts! She loves when it rains, she cheats at monopoly and she has a flare for the dramatics!” You can have them put their own descriptions or have a random drawing and have everyone choose names of who they are going to describe. (The second option works best if everyone in both the grooms and bridal party know each other and/or are friends).


Disney soundtracks are the way to a disney fanatics heart! This is the perfect introduction for any bridal party especially if the bride (and possibly groom) are disney fans. Each couple can be introduced with their own favorite disney sing-along. Picture it now, walking down and having “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”! And now this can also include starwars! If the bride and groom love star wars, this would be the perfect way to display their love for it and each other with lightsabers and an epic choreography!