There are so many pieces of your wedding you will need to think about. Once your vows have been said, dinner has been served, you will want to have a space for your guests to dance and have fun. 


The best thing about planning a wedding now is that you can truly customize the space to fit in with any theme. Everything can be customized down to the flooring, lights, and music playlist. Brides and grooms can have fun and unique wedding dance floor songs and outstanding themes. 


No matter what you choose, you will awe your guests, and everyone will have fun. You can purchase decor or dance in the grass for an outdoor wedding dance floor. Options are unlimited, and you can choose whatever you want. 


If you feel stumped on choosing something, here are some ideas to look through that might vibe with your wedding style. 

Under The Stars

One of the best outdoor wedding dance floor ideas you can host at almost any venue is, dancing under the stars. If you have a tent set up, you can create a dance floor space and hang stars from the tent’s ceilings. Mix it with your wedding colors for a stunning vibe that will amaze your guests. 

Contrasting Patterns

If you are sticking to a pastel or muted color scheme, go bold for your dance floor. This is a way to draw the guest’s eyes and add in some unique designs. You can create almost any look with tiles or wood. 

Floral Chandeliers

If it’s too cold to have an outside wedding, you can create a very romantic vibe with floral chandeliers. This is a way to create an outdoor wedding dance floor without actually being outdoors. It’s a romantic that will pair nicely with many wedding dance floor songs. It is a unique way to add in flowers. 

Sign Your Names

Over the dance floor, you can use your signature in your wedding colors. You can use big stickers or even wash-off paint. This is a fun way to show off your love, and it will look amazing in pictures.

Add Drapes

Using drapes to show off your dance floors can be something small but nice. It can be romantic with lights dangling from the drapes, and it will look great in your wedding photos. The best thing about using drapes and lights is this is easily customizable. You can get drapes in your wedding colors or keep the white and use colored lights. 

Bring The Outdoors Indoors

Not everyone can have an outdoor wedding dance floor. However, you can bring the outdoor look inside. The flooring can be green inspired by the grass and the ceilings filled with shrubs and lights. If you have a favorite plant, mix those in. 

Add Balloon Arches

If you want a pop of super bold color, add a balloon archway to the dance floor. This is a fun way to show off the dancing area and will get everyone in a happy dancing mood. 

Grab Unique Lights

Some vintage weddings may have fun surrounding the dance floor with vintage lamps and rugs. This creates a rustic look but also shows off the space. It’sIt’s one idea that will look perfect for your wedding photos. It’s perfect for most wedding dance floor songs.