Unexpected Places To Add Flowers At Your Wedding

When planning for your wedding, it is easy to get carried away with the flowers! The problem is making it that all the flowers aren’t overwhelming or tacky. So we have a few solutions to help you add flowers in unexpected places to your Georgia vintage wedding that will add class and elegance!

The Wedding Floral Backdrop

Everyone wants IG worthy photos of your wedding, you can add a beautiful wall of flowers! Having a backdrop with stunning flowers you have chosen for your dream wedding will be sure to leave everyone else’s jaws dropping! You can add this floral backdrop near the entrance, or during your ceremony and even during the reception. It will make for the perfect background that will have everyone lining up to take gorgeous selfies in front of it. You can even add a little more spice with it by adding a cute neon sign with it. It can have a cute phrase or even just simple designs like the sun and the moon.

Trendy Wedding Place Settings

At your reception, you can introduce floral decor for each place setting. You can set a little bundle of flowers on the plate itself. Or you can also wrap the cute bundle of flowers in with the napkin and silverware like a miniature bouquet. It is a cute and fun way to incorporate your flowers in a small way into your reception. And if you have kids attending, it will be a great small distraction for them, even if it is for just a little while. Everyone loves to play with flowers! This is especially a great idea if you have a surplus of flowers you bought and aren’t sure what to do with them!

A Floral Chandelier

When it comes to taking your wedding to the next level, having floral chandeliers is the way to go.  Not only do they bring an enchanting vibe into your reception or ceremony, but it is a great way to display your favorite flowers as they hang over the tables and dance floor. You can use just about any type of flower for your chandelier, it is hard to mess up! You can use anything from simply greenery such as moss and sage to give it a more rustic feel. To just using only flowers to give an elevated feeling that is out of a fairy tale.


This was a huge trend in the early 00’s, but it is now making a comeback! With more and more weddings being outside thanks to everyone switching to a social distanced wedding, bodies of water are common on the grounds of your venue. It can be from a small fountain out in the garden to a large pond or even a lake, you can add beautiful floating flowers to your reception or ceremony. It brings a magical and unique look to your wedding. It will add something extra special to your wedding photos and even for photos that your guests will be dying to take. It is an elegant and fun look that you and your guests will enjoy. Make sure if it is okay or doable for the venue. Sometimes certain ponds cannot be tampered with because they have fish or other wildlife that your flower arrangements could potentially cause harm to them. Also coordinate with your florist to help make your vision of floating flowers be the best it can be!

Fruity Add-Ons

When creating your arrangements and bouquets, sometimes you may feel like just flowers and greenery may not be enough. So try adding fruit! By adding a little bit of fruit to compliment your beautiful flowers is the perfect and unique way to add a pop of color and fun into your ceremony and reception. For example, if your colors have more of an earthy and green tone you can add green grapes! Not only does the fruit hang in an elegant way, but the light green is the perfect way to bring the arrangements together. You can also use this with dark purple grapes and tie in darker colors together.