Best Tips For Keeping The Dance Floor Full All Night Long

Your reception is one of the biggest parts of your wedding, and the biggest part of your reception is dancing! You cashed out the money to hire either a DJ or a band so you want to keep the dance floor full and your guests happy! So we have some tips on what to do to help keep the dance floor full and flowing all night long at your Georgia vintage wedding.


You want to make sure that there is enough space for your guests to dance. This is why it is so important to consider how large you need your venue with how many guests you plan to invite. If you have a lot of guests then you need to consider how large the dance floor needs to be. Also if you plan to have children at your wedding, you need to be prepared for some crazy moves on the dance floor! There is also the fact you need to consider that if the venue is too big, and you only have a small number of guests, it makes the space feel weird and empty. So even though everyone is dancing, the dance floor doesn’t seem full.

Your Seating Chart

This is a secret weapon! You know all your friends and family well, so it is best to strategize by putting the people who love to dance the most closest to the dance floor. They don’t care and won’t wait for others to take the floor first, so by jumping right in, it will encourage your other guests to do the same. It is easier to join in once they see other people having fun. It also helps people who have social anxiety or tend to be shy. Also if you have elderly people attending your wedding, make sure to avoid sitting them by the large-loudspeakers. They already have a hard time hearing, so putting them by the loud music won’t make it enjoyable for them. You want both your sitting guests and your dancing guests to enjoy themselves. So don’t forget to ask your DJ about how loud they tend to play their music.

Don’t Do Your Own Music

You may have crafted the best playlist, however having a DJ or a band is your best bet. People enjoy interacting with the DJ or people from a band because it is just more fun! They know how to read a crowd and see what music they should play next. They know when to play fast fun music for the younger crowd, classic songs for the older generations. They even know what songs to play for the kids and get them up and moving, having fun! They are also the perfect person to take the mic and announce when it time to start the next event, whether it is time to start the toasts, to announcing the bouquet toss. Make sure you do your homework and look to see which DJ matches your style!

Genres for Music

You and your spouse may absolutely love classic rock, but you will have other guests that don’t. So do not limit the music genre. It is best to consider everyone’s tastes, even if it doesn’t suit yours. You can include some of your favorite songs from your favorite genre, but your playlist shouldn’t only include that. Try to have a mix that includes a little bit of everything. That means rock, pop, hip hop, country music, indie, alternative and maybe some punk and funk! You could even throw even some classics like Frank Sinatra to give your grandparents a little fun flashback! However, if there is a genre that you truly dislike, make sure to let your DJ know. You can also give your DJ a list of songs not to play because you either find them too cheesy, overplayed or because you dislike them with a burning passion!

Your First Dance

When it comes to your first dance, it is best to try to keep it brief. If your favorite song, or your song as a couple is longer then most, then try to go with a shorter version. When you get up on the dance floor alone with your spouse, you may feel that the song is dragging especially if you have a lot of social anxiety. So shortening it to a minute or two will be perfect and it will be perfect for your guests as well. If you feel like the song is dragging, then your guests probably feel the same way. So to avoid this, beforehand you can practice and time the music out at home with your partner. However, lot’s of couples like to do fun dances together, there was even a viral dance of a woman and her husband choreographed a Star Wars themed first dance with lightsabers and all! So keep it short enough to make sure it doesn’t drag on.