We know that planning your wedding can seem like a lot of stress, but it doesn’t have to be. You can have your dream outdoor wedding ceremony in the fall, despite it being colder. You may be worried about your family members being too cold, but late fall is one of the best times to have an outdoor wedding. If you start planning, you may decide to do the ceremony outdoors and the reception indoor, or in a tent.  This is the perfect solution for anyone looking to have an outdoor wedding ceremony, with beautiful rustic photos. Here are some ideas on how to pull off an outdoor wedding ceremony when it starts getting chilly. 

How to Keep Guests Warm During the Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Remember that warm and rustic aesthetics are key to that Autumn wedding look. You have so many options and ways to keep your guests warm during the outdoor wedding ceremony. Here are a few ideas to keep your guests cozy during the event. 

Use Heaters

If it’s not raining, this is a great investment. Heaters can be placed strategically around the seated guests to ensure extra warmth. You can also use these inside of tents for a half indoor/outdoor ceremony or reception. 

Wedding Blankets

This is a unique idea that is sure to keep your guests comfortable. You can either personalize your own blankets for guests to keep, or you can rent out blankets in your wedding colors. 


Even during the summer, you can have a day where it is super gloomy and rainy. Anyone planning an outdoor wedding should have a tent for the guests, in case anything happens. 

Hot Cocoa Bar

Even if you don’t drink, you can have a bar. A hot cocoa bar! This will cheer the kids up and keep your guests feeling warm and good. It sets the fall mood. 

Mini Fire Pits

One of the coolest inventions you will see on the market is mini fire pits for sale. Place them on your tables as centerpieces for your fall wedding. There are so many options for keeping your guests warm at your outdoor wedding. You can have your dream come true while still ensuring your guests stay healthy and happy. 

A Few Autumn Wedding Tips to Keep in Mind

You shouldn’t have to postpone your special day for the warmer seasons, but you may have to adjust your expectations. Keep these tips and tricks in mind when you’re planning out your fall wedding. 

Keep it Short

Although it may not get super bitter during the fall, you should still limit the amount of time outside with no cover. Exchanging your vows outdoors and heading for a covered warm tent afterwards is a great solution. This will help people stay cozy but still see your beautiful ceremony without being too cold. 

Build a Fire

If your venue allows fires, bring in a fire pit to put in the center of the space. This can be an area for people to dance *carefully* around or somewhere they can drink hot beverages. It can also help you create stunning pictures with a vintage wedding vibe. 

Offer Hot Deserts

Instead of sticking to a basic white wedding cake, go for something bold. It’s your wedding after all. Try out a chocolate fondue bar and take bites of sweet chocolate-covered strawberries together. 


If your goal is to have a vintage wedding, fall is the best time to do that. It naturally creates a rustic and vintage vibe that you don’t have to pay extra for. It is one of the easiest ways to get charming wedding photos that you will cherish for life. 


Planning a beautiful wedding doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful. If you want a fall wedding, this is the year to plan your dream outdoor wedding ceremony.