Wedding Photography is arguably one of the most important investments for your wedding day and getting the best wedding photos should never be sacrificed. When shopping for a photographer to capture you special day there are many important things to consider. Read here to find out how to choose the best wedding photographer for your wedding day.

While it’s true, wedding photographers are the professionals, it is still important for you as a bride, to do your research. Pinterst is no doubt a girls best friend when it comes to finding inspiration for poses. Second up, social media! Take time to research your venue & your photographer’s instagram & Facebook. Not only can you get a taste of what your wedding will look like, it also gives you the best chance at getting the best wedding photos.

After being witness to over 800 weddings & their photography, we have compiled a list of things you should consider and talk with your photographer about before your big day!


Tips for Getting the Best Wedding Photos

Which Way the Sun Sets

If you have seen pictures from weddings at Spring Lake, chances are you have seen the magnificent sunsets that appear over our lake. The sunsets are a memorable part of almost every wedding at our venue. Knowing which way the sun sets can help you understand how the lighting will effect photos taken around different parts of the venue.

Season & Time of Your Ceremony

As mentioned above, knowing where the sun will be, where (and when) it will set are very important details to consider. Professional photographers have lots of specialized equipment to help them shoot in a variety of lighting but being prepared means you get the very best wedding photos possible. Consider the season of your wedding when making your wedding day timeline. If you plan to have photos taken after the ceremony, be sure to allow plenty of time in your order of events while there is still plenty of light!

Frame Worthy Wedding Photos

Okay, let’s be honest, wedding day photos are all frame worthy, because it is an incredibly special day. If you have been dreaming of a specific photo to have framed of your big day, make note of what your want that picture to look like! For instance, if you have the perfect spot above your bed for a landscape photo and are dreaming of adding a canoe shot there, then be sure tell your photographer! Wedding day is a lot to take in and sometimes it gets away from us. A wedding photographer usually takes a 1000 or more pictures of the day. If you have special shots in mind that you really want to be perfect, be sure to mention those to your photographer ahead of time.

Which Moments Are Most Important to You

Everyone has a different style and feeling for what’s most important. If your preference is candid shots of family & friends during the celebration of your wedding, tell your photographer! Maybe you’re the bride that wants perfectly posed photos of every family member, bridal party & friends.

After my wedding, I couldn’t wait to see the photos of our first dance. For me, that was a truly intimate moment and I expected to have the perfect photo of it, you know, so I could remember the moment forever. I didn’t realize until after (and neither did my photographer) that all the people innocently standing in the background, really took away from us – the newly weds.

Whatever your preference, whether it be the perfect shot of your first dance as husband & wife, the father daughter dance, cake cutting or first kiss, it is very important as a bride that you communicate your “have to have” photos to your photographer. Taking time to research your venue and images of previous weddings can greatly increase your likely hood of capturing the best wedding photos.


It goes without saying that wedding photographers are the professionals, true artists in their field. One of the things that makes them so good at what they do is their ability to bring to life what we have in our mind. If you’re planning a wedding be sure to consider the photos that are most important to you. You’ll be glad you did.