Are you looking for ways to plan a wedding for $1000 or less?? You’ve come to the right place my friends!

It’s 2021, every thing is expensive these days but thankfully for you, I’m here to show you several ways to have your dream wedding at an affordable price.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Plan a wedding for less than $1000

VIP Only Guest List

Big weddings are amazing, and celebrating the night away with hundreds of your friends and family can be a dream. It can also be expensive. Having an intimate wedding with 20 of your closest, most immediate loved ones is the first step towards having a wedding for less than $1000. After interviewing brides who opted for a smaller ceremony, almost all of them had this to say. “I thought we would miss having all of our friends there, but actually, it was so special and in the end I feel like we (husband and I) were even closer because of the intimate ceremony & whole experience.”

Plan a Wedding for Less than $1000 – Have a Week Day Ceremony

If you’re looking to plan an affordable wedding, another great way to achieve your goal without sacrificing on the details, have your ceremony on a week day! At Spring Lake, we offer week day elopement ceremonies for an incredibly affordable price and offer some incredible perks to make your wedding dreams come true! For more information on our week day weddings, check out our packages here.

Finding Your Dress

Some brides have always dreamed of wearing mothers or grandmothers wedding dress. Although some alterations are likely needed, this sweet hand-me-down situation is a gem. If wearing an heirloom gown isn’t in your plans, finding a dress at a local pre-loved boutique is another great way to plan your wedding for less than $1000 Depending on how much time you have before your special day, purchasing a dress online has proven to be a exceptionally impressive way to get the dress of your dreams at a fraction of the cost.

Decorations Included? Yes, Please!

As mentioned above, Spring Lake not only offers extremely affordable wedding package options, but amazing perks, too! What are these perks we speak of? All couples getting married at our venue have exclusive access to our decor cabin. “Decor cabin, great! What’s that?” The Decor Cabin at Spring Lake is stocked full of decorations of all kinds. From chalk board signs, letter boards, and glass window signs to candles to vases. Thousands upon thousands if decoration items of all styles and themes. If you’re trying to plan a wedding for $1000 or less, this perk is for you! Imagine being able to decorate you dream wedding for FREE!

Reception Dinner – Affordable Wedding Ideas

If you’re still following along chances are you’re imagining your wedding now and considering how these ideas can help you have the wedding of your dreams for less than $1000. It’s no secret that the reception is a large part of any wedding budget. In fact, over 50% of the total wedding budget usually goes to the reception festivities.

During your planning process, a great way to continue the celebration and stay within budget is to plan a reception dinner at a local restaurant. Of course, depending upon when you go, the cost of having dinner together can vary. In Rockmart, hometown of our Outdoor Wedding Venue, there are a few restaurants that serve the best food and offer really special options for reception dinners.

Wedding Experiences that Cost $0

Whether you’re planing a $10k wedding or a $1k wedding, there are a few experiences that every couple should share. When your ceremony has come to an end, share your first dance as husband and wife. Your first dance could be lake side with the mountains in the distance or beside the stone fireplace under the dangling lights. Other signature dances like father-daughter or mother-son dances are such special memories and truly make for some of the best photography.

When booking an elopement ceremony at Spring Lake, families are allowed 3 hours at the venue. This time is for your ceremony, photography around the venue and also time to share experiences like these.


We know that every wedding budget and style is different. Our Spring Lake family takes pride in offering a variety of packages and options to meet everyone’s budget and want to be apart of making dream weddings come true.


Call us today to schedule a visit to our venue and plan your wedding for under $1000!