Wedding Themes for 2022


As a result of everything that has occurred in our society since the pandemic, engaged couples are experiencing the chance to return to their basic values.


While 2021 was all about intentionality in the face of uncertainty and the unknown, the top wedding trends of 2022 will represent the values of the couple.


Here are a few of our favorite wedding themes, colors, and trends that you need to know about. Maybe these ideas will help you figure out how to start planning your Georgia wedding venue for the upcoming year.

Relaxed Luxury

Luxury weddings tend to be very formal and have a certain etiquette that everyone follows. However, that is not what a lot of young couples like to do. You can have a luxurious yet relaxed wedding.


Instead of doing a black-tie event, allowing guests to enjoy a cocktail party is the latest trend we have seen at weddings this year.


Enjoying everyone’s company in a luxurious atmosphere is something we are seeing tons of after so many young couples had to postpone weddings or get eloped before their event.

Otherworldly Domestic Destinations

If couples are throwing micro weddings, it is easier for them to find beautiful destinations to get married that are still in the states. Many people have put off leaving the country since the pandemic and have opted to stick within the country.


Tons of venues are so stunning they seem otherworldly, and this is something that we see more and more young couples choosing.


Our Georgia venue captures every scenic view you can think of and will be the perfect destination wedding for you.

Natural, Rustic, and Contemporary Weddings

Rattan features, macramé tassel lighting, wishbone chairs, and soft seating in neutrals have produced an earthy and cozy at-home aesthetic in 2021, which will be prominent in 2022 wedding trends.


This tends to be more budget-friendly and can be done at almost any outside wedding venue.

Storytelling Through Food

Food is a huge part of the wedding but now many couples are using their food choices to tell a story. Maybe it’s how they met at an Italian gelato shop serving individual gelato cups, or maybe it’s how they entered a hot wing contest together.


Whatever your story is, it can be told through food and shared with your guests. This makes it interactive and special for every person who attends your wedding.

Supporting Local Businesses

Instead of choosing one theme to stick with, many couples are choosing to support a local theme after the pandemic. Couples are choosing local designers to help create stunning visuals and local vendors who can serve delicious food.


This supports the couple but also their local hometown. It is by far one of the best trends in 2022 we have seen and will only become bigger in the upcoming years.


It’s time to start focusing on what is important to you as a couple and figure out how to reflect those in your wedding. Instead of themes like around the world, look at what you care about and focus there.