Do Americans Have Wedding Traditions?


You will find that there are wedding traditions based on ethnicity, family origin, religious status, and overall preferences. America is the blending part of all cultures, and because of that, you may think there are no American wedding traditions. Well, that’s just not true.


There are certain traditions that Americans keep coming back to, and you should know what they are. Take a look at these wedding traditions that happen in America.


The Big White Dress

When you say wedding to a young American, they will automatically think of “The Big White Dress.”


This tradition actually comes from England, and even those brides who want to sway from tradition usually go for an off-white dress in the same style. Other brides will choose bold jewelry to show off the white dress.


Lately, we have seen a trend where brides are choosing the “big white dress” but in color. The traditional wedding dress may stay the same, but we are seeing more and more young women choose those dresses in bold colors or timeless colors.


Although the colors may vary, we don’t see the traditions of choosing the dress going anywhere.

Wedding Processional

This is when the wedding party walks down the aisle at the beginning of the wedding before the bride. The order has been the same for years, and it is something that most brides stick to.

  1. The Officiant
  2. Wedding Party
  3. Flower Girls/Ring Bearer
  4. The Couple/Parents

This tradition came from England after Queen Victoria’s oldest child was married.

Using the Wedding Cake as a Centerpiece

At many weddings, the cake is a focal point. Brides will spend time picking out the design and flavor of the cake and get some stunning photos.


It is not only something that needs to be edible; it needs to look fantastic too. Wedding cakes are a huge aspect of an American wedding, and many opt for a traditional wedding cake. This is something we don’t foresee breaking in the future.

Bridal Parties

After many generations, one American wedding tradition we have seen stick is having a bridal party. However, the bridal parties are changing.


You no longer have to do girls as bridesmaids and men as groomsmen. We see the idea of bridal parties live on, but now we see mixed-gender bridal parties.

Throwing Rice at the End

It’s customary in American weddings to make a grand and festive exit for the newlyweds. Traditionally, guests would throw rice at the couple as they exited their car or limo.


However, instead of rice, many people are opting for bubbles! It’s less messy and still just as grand.


Rethink the traditions you follow when you start planning your Georgia wedding.