Here are some great tips for Planning a Bridal Shower Brunch



Prior to the bride-to-be walking down the aisle, her wedding shower is a time for her closest friends and family to rejoice.


A classy bridal shower brunch is a chic update on this pre-wedding ritual that’s ideal for foodies. If you’ve been entrusted with the responsibility of preparing and hosting the event, you may be wondering where to begin.


Luckily, we have tips that will help you set this bridal shower brunch perfectly. 

Match The Venue To The Wedding Theme

Firstly, you will need to find the venue you want to host a bridal shower brunch. Luckily, if you book in advance, our Georgia venue will be open for you for many different events, including hosting a bridal shower brunch. 


Match the theme of the wedding to this brunch. It gives everyone a sneak peek of what to expect, and the bride will see you’re paying attention!

Consider Wedding Caterers

If a couple already has caterers picked out, see if they are available for your planning brunch. 

When you choose to do this, you ensure that the bride will like the food, and it’s a good chance for the vendors to show off their skills before the wedding. 

Choose Themed Invitations

The bride will have spent tons of time picking out a theme, and you will want to make sure the invites match the theme she picked. Invites should always be on-brand. 


When you spend time picking out invites, it gives guests an idea of how they should dress or what they can expect at the bridal shower venue.

Find Personalized Games

This is the time to have fun with close family and friends. Choose games the bride will love and something that will bring the family closer together. 

There are tons of personalized games you can find on Etsy to bring to the party. 

Focus On Presentation

Finding someone to cater for the event is a crucial part of throwing a bridal shower brunch. But finding someone who will also care about the presentation is important too. 


Many people love to take pictures of the setup or how the food is displayed. If you know there will be a photographer at the bridal shower venue, presentation is essential. 

Find Bold Centerpieces

One of the best ways to make a bridal shower brunch stand apart from others is to focus on centerpieces. This will be eye-catching for guests, can match the brides’ style, and look great in photos. 

Try out bold colors or unique flowers for each table. 

Customize Smaller Details

Everyone likes to feel included or like you thought of them when planning. This is for the other guests just as it is for the bride. 


One thing that will help this party stand out is customizing smaller details for the guests. You can add personalized cocktail napkins that are also placeholders for each person or make mimosa glasses with their names too. 


It can allow a guest to feel good about coming to the party and add something unique for everyone to take home. 

Use a Wedding Venue for Your Bridal Shower Brunch

If you’ve been looking for a romantic place to bring your guests for a bridal shower brunch, our Georgia venue is the perfect option. 


You can customize the space to match the style of any wedding and you will get a stunning view of nature. It’s time to start planning your bridal shower brunch.