Atlanta Wedding Florist

This week we want to take a minute to highlight one of our favorite Atlanta wedding florists; Gail Williams and her crew over at A Perfect Wedding Floral Design.

Gail and her team create some of the most stunning floral arrangements, we are talking show-stopping here, ya’ll. Check out this beautiful vintage, rustic bouquet.

Vintage Bouquet

We love this bouquet because it is the perfect marriage of modern and vintage. The colors are gorgeous together, soft with just the perfect touch of deep hues carefully mixed in. The effect taken as a whole is simply perfect.

See? We told you they do fantastic work.

Better Than DIY Wedding Flowers

What is even better than the work that they do (if you can even believe it!) is what an amazing group of people they are. Gail is one of our type of people, and she runs her business the way that we run ours; with no nonsense and an unwavering commitment to stellar customer service. Simply put, we treat our couples and their families like they are our family, and so does Gail. We would never recommend a vendor to you that we don’t trust and also enjoy working with ourselves, and Gail and her team are one of our favorite vendors to work with.

Wedding Flower Ideas

You pour so much time, energy, and most of all, love into planning your wedding and so every single detail is important. We get that, and that’s why we are so committed to helping bring your vision to life and to help ensure that every last detail is exactly the way that you dreamed it would be.

Something that we absolutely love about Gail Williams and her team at A Perfect Wedding Floral Design is that they are extremely good listeners. They will listen to your dream and vision for the way that you need your flowers to be on your big day and they will bring that dream and that vision to life for you.

Here is another gorgeous example of a bride’s vision that Gail and her team brought to life.

Beautiful! And so original. We love the contrast created with the deep red with the soft green. Gail and her team never shrink away from trying something new or different!

Another thing that Gail and her team at A Perfect Wedding Floral Design are wonderful at is versatility. They can create a fantastic wedding bouquet and centerpieces for all of your tables, but they don’t just stop there. They will custom design floral accents for archways, garlands for wherever you want to put them, dashing boutonnieres for all of the men, end caps for pews, and whatever else you can dream up for them! Just check out some of the fantastic designs that they have created for past bride and grooms.

How fun is this pink pompom with the mint green ribbon? It makes us happy just looking at it.

While we adore our handmade cedar arch, we happen to think she looks amazing all dressed up and dripping with flowers. Gail is a pro at working our wedding arch into something extravagant. Look at this amazing archway that they designed. Wouldn’t you love to pledge your love to one another underneath something this luxe?

Ok, one more amazing picture before we go. This is one of our very favorites.

Look at how happy they all are! Gail and her team at A Perfect Wedding Floral Design helps achieve that happiness. They help us in our mission to bring your dream and your vision for your perfect wedding day to life.

Wedding Florist in Atlanta

We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know one of our favorite vendors today, A Perfect Wedding Floral Design and that these images of her marvelous creations have spurred on some inspiration for you as you dream of your perfect wedding day. You can see more inspiring designs that Gail and her team have created at her Facebook page,

You can contact Gail and her team through her Facebook page, you can email her at, or you can call her at 770-605-6258 so she can get started turning your dreams into reality!