One of the things on your to-do list is to figure out a way for people to sign something so you can remember it. The traditional thing to do is to grab a wedding guestbook and let people fill it up with sweet notes. 


Some couples don’t like this idea because they’re not sure what to do with the guest books after. Most times, they just sit on the shelf, forgotten. This should be something important that you can cherish for the rest of your married life. 


There are many new fantastic alternative wedding guest book ideas that will fit perfectly in with a fall wedding. Finding something unique, interactive, and something you will use will be important when searching through ideas. 

Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Before you start looking for new wedding guest book ideas, you will want to consider the theme of your wedding. You can find one that matches a fall theme or choose something closer to another theme. 


For example, if you have a travel-themed wedding, you can let people sign a suitcase or even a white globe. This is something that can be completely customized and up to the couple. Here are some fun fall wedding guest book ideas. 

Fabric Swatches and Fabric Markers


This is a great way to have an alternative and is a way for you to do a DIY wedding guest book. Ask everyone to bring their favorite fabric swatch and provide them with fabric markers to sign the swatches. 


They can leave these fabric swatches with their names or a small message and place them in a basket. You can collect all of the swatches at the end of the reception and later make a wedding quilt out of them. 

Quilt Signing

Not everyone will want to go pick up swatches or have a place to pick up something they want. This can be especially hard for guests coming from out of town. If you’re going to do something similar, provide a white quilt. 


Each guest can come up and write a sweet message somewhere on the quilt in fabric markers. This is a fun way to do a unique wedding guest book. You can hang this up in your house later. 

Wooden Wedding Guest Book Idea

If you want to stick to a rustic-themed wedding vibe, grab a wood plank that you love. You can get this plank engraved with your new last name or initials.


Have your guests sign it with sharpies and make sure it is big enough for everyone to sign. If you are expecting tons of wedding guests, try getting a very long wood board. Later, you can finish the wood and make it into a counter or desk for your home!

Family Tree Leaves

You can purchase sticker details in the form of a family tree. Each leaf represents a different person. Anyone who attends your wedding can sign a leaf; later, you can stick this up on your wall. 


Keep in mind this doesn’t have to be strictly family. You can make friends and family trees, creating one big tree at the end. If you don’t feel like sticking this on your wall later, you can hang it up on a poster board. 


No matter what you choose, our venue will have the perfect spot for you to set up your idea. We will help your ideas come to life so you have something special to remember your wedding.