7 Wedding Trends to Avoid

There are always plenty of trends every bride will see and fall in love with, however, trends always come and go faster than you can blink. So here are some wedding trends to avoid this year so you don’t fall victim.

Complicated Hashtags

Now using wedding hashtags can come in handy when you have your guests posting online and sharing intimate moments online, however if your hashtag proves to be too complicated than it takes the fun out of it. Use a simple and easy hashtag versus a long version of you and your spouses names mashed up together.

Doughnut Walls

Yes, doughnut walls have become a unique trend however there are to many negatives that come with it. Not everyone may be able to enjoy a doughnut due to allergies. Doughnuts are also a sticky mess that may end up ruining one of your party’s clothes or even a guest’s. There is also the fact that being left out like that for an extended period of time will cause them to go stale even faster.

Invitation Poems

Seeing my own fair share of these, I can admit out loud that these passive aggressive notes that state in a “fun way” that the bride and groom really need cash are completely off putting. They should be just invitations, so it is best to save the registry for a later date. I promise you that your guests will appreciate the gesture.

Trash the Dress

This is a trend that started around the early 2000’s, where burning your dress was a part of your wedding. There is the idea of destroying a “feminine image” by setting it on fire but let’s be real. You just spent a truck load of money on this dress and your wedding day, now all the money you spent is literally up in smoke. If you truly don’t want your dress, just sell it or even give it away. There are thousands of women who would be grateful for a beautiful dress that they couldn’t afford at retail price.

Cake Face

This trend has been around for decades now, however it’s a trend we should drop. Having cake shoved into your face, up your nostrils, ruining your makeup, and having been low key punched in the face because your SO got a little too competitive isn’t very fun.

Bridesmaids +20

Having a surplus amount of bridesmaids can make for beautiful photos, but they end up taking away from the ceremony itself while they get crammed up by the altar. Having a few close friends as bridesmaids are great! However, when the amount starts getting up into the teens, it can be too much.

Dramatic Entrance

It has all been done when it comes to the dramatic entrance for the bride. A dance routine, lifted in on a hot air balloon, and even dressed up as a dinosaur. These were pretty popular trends back in 2017 but a simple entrance is just as beautiful and graceful. There is no need to over do it, just enjoy your big day!