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Having Fun at an Outdoor Vintage Wedding

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If you've ever been to a stuffy ballroom wedding, you've probably experienced a boring wedding. Today we're going to tell you why vintage weddings at Spring Lake are never boring or stuffy. You know what we're talking about. Even the venue consultation with a ballroom wedding venue can feel stifling. Sure, you're getting to choose your colors, meals, and the type of flowers that will be on the table, but that's about all the options you'll have. But what if you could choose to have yard games, s'mores by an outdoor fireplace, and a canoe ride on the lake? Or a carriage ride around the lake. That's an option, too. I don't know about you, but we've been to ballroom weddings where the kids run circles in the corner out of boredom, and the guests look like they can't wait to eat cake and scoot out of there. Don't get [...]

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We have a new addition to our vintage wedding family!

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She's a vintage Ford truck ready to roll into some vintage weddings. She's a beaut! We already have an old man vintage truck for weddings, now we have his fair lady. We thought about naming her Betty, but she's currently officially unnamed. Want to know the best part about our vintage wedding truck? She's available. That's right. For a spin around the lake, no less. Surely you have seen our carriage rides around the lake as an approach to the ceremony location. Did you know we are the only venue in the Southeast that can drop you off in that kind of style? Yes! (As far as we know). We are definitely the only vintage wedding venue in Georgia that can bring you to your ceremony in that kind of style. Now, we can offer a ride in Betty (can we call her Betty?) to your ceremony location. Yes, she [...]

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