If you’ve ever been to a stuffy ballroom wedding, you’ve probably experienced a boring wedding. Today we’re going to tell you why vintage weddings at Spring Lake are never boring or stuffy.

You know what we’re talking about. Even the venue consultation with a ballroom wedding venue can feel stifling. Sure, you’re getting to choose your colors, meals, and the type of flowers that will be on the table, but that’s about all the options you’ll have.

But what if you could choose to have yard games, s’mores by an outdoor fireplace, and a canoe ride on the lake? Or a carriage ride around the lake. That’s an option, too.

I don’t know about you, but we’ve been to ballroom weddings where the kids run circles in the corner out of boredom, and the guests look like they can’t wait to eat cake and scoot out of there.

Don’t get us wrong, your guests will love sharing in your special day with you, but imagine if you could give them an entire experience as they share in your wedding day joy? And what if that experience reflects what you enjoy as a couple?

Love tailgating and playing corn hole? Or is fishing more your speed? Or yard Yahtzee? Bocce ball? Jenga? Connect four?

Why choose just one? With a wedding venue like ours, you have the space and flexibility to spread out and have a blast!

And let’s chat about those sweet kids. You’ve thought about not inviting them, but how many families would be inconvenienced by that choice? What if you could provide an unlimited play area for the kids to play in?

Vintage Weddings Georgia

We’re going to bet if you had a young adult or teen in charge of some fun kid games (freeze tag, red light/green light, manhunt (depending on their ages), not only would the kids have a blast, but their parents will thank you when their kids sleep in the next morning.

Plus, you won’t have kids running circles around the cake table (it has happened) because they’ll have a way more fun area to play in.

And while you’re out there getting some fun adult games to play like corn hole, be sure you have a few games the kids can get in on, too.

We love the simple game of tic tac toe made with black/brown river rocks played on a simple tree slice or wooden round. It’s a classic, simple game made of natural elements. That means it’s beautiful, and everyone can play.

Hopefully, you’ll find that it’s beautiful here and everyone can play all day long at your wedding, unlike some of those ballroom weddings we’ve been to in the past.

You can’t get much better than that in a natural vintage wedding venue like Spring Lake.