She’s a vintage Ford truck ready to roll into some vintage weddings.
She’s a beaut!

We already have an old man vintage truck for weddings, now we have his fair lady. We thought about naming her Betty, but she’s currently officially unnamed.

Want to know the best part about our vintage wedding truck? She’s available. That’s right. For a spin around the lake, no less.

Surely you have seen our carriage rides around the lake as an approach to the ceremony location. Did you know we are the only venue in the Southeast that can drop you off in that kind of style? Yes! (As far as we know). We are definitely the only vintage wedding venue in Georgia that can bring you to your ceremony in that kind of style.

Now, we can offer a ride in Betty (can we call her Betty?) to your ceremony location. Yes, she even travels around the lake like our romantic wedding carriage rides!

Imagine the photo ops you can get with this chick!

Vintage wedding truck
I can just see it now. A gorgeous bride (you) all classed out in stunning makeup with a blusher veil across your face, looking off into the middle distance while your photographer grabs your reflection in Betty’s vintage rear view mirror.

So classic and so chic for vintage weddings, don’t you think?!

Imagine stepping out of this fine truck with your sparkly wedding flats on, lace draping towards the grass while your Prince Charming tries to get a glimpse of you through the reflection on the glass.

You might even want to pile up the truck bed with quilts and blankets for a quick escape from the ceremony location to the reception barn. Sure, we know it isn’t that far, but if you plan on wearing heels, that short driveway has a way of getting longer with each step you take.

Plus, you’ll probably welcome the snuggle time. And your photographer would totally take advantage of the quick escape away from Aunt Margaret and Uncle Bob for your romantic portrait photos.

Oh yes, my dear. Dreams do come true, even if you dreamt them from a movie!

If you’ve thought of renting a vintage truck, you’ll quickly see that they only show up for about an hour, just long enough to arrive in time for your grand exit and transportation to your final destination for the evening.

Plus, we aren’t sure you’ll even be able to find a chauffeur of a vintage vehicle willing to drive off-road around our lake.

But don’t worry love. We’ve got the hookup you need. Betty. She’s your girl.

She’s a classic Ford truck, ready to party the night away.

Plus, you man is going to love the manliness that Betty exudes. I mean, her (pretend) name aside, she’s looking like a prop right out of a man scene. Think manly cologne ads. Right?! Yes, she’s a hot number, that’s for sure!

So, put Betty on your list for your wedding. She’s going to bring an entirely new level of class and style to your vintage wedding.