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Wedding day rain is beautiful

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With all the wet weather we've been having this month, there's been a lot of buzz about rainy-day backup plans and rainy-day weddings. It never fails. At every rainy day wedding someone (usually someone's aunt) says that rainy day weddings mean good luck. (Sidenote: some cultures think the rain brings in cleansing and extra babies.) But we all know that most brides pray and check the weather religiously in the weeks and days leading up to their weddings, keeping their fingers crossed that they'll have a dry wedding day. But the truth is: it's really not all that bad to have rain on your wedding day. There. We said it. Yes. Even if you have an outdoor wedding venue, you can still have a rainy day wedding and it turn out amazing. Yes. Even perfect. We know because we've seen it happen. Think about it. Doesn't the rain just seem [...]

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Boho Wedding Style

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You've heard us talk all about vintage weddings, but Spring Lake is a versatile venue that can accommodate all kinds of weddings. Yes that's right, even Boho weddings. Today we're going to tell you how to get the style. You want to start with your wedding dress. Pick a dress that you love, adorned with lace and dreamy style flair. Most boho dress are slim silhouettes but you first want to focus on finding a profile that suits your body type. Then you want to look for a dress with a lace bodice, or at the very least, lace accents. Top it off with some gorgeous accessories that nod back to the 20s and make sure your stylists are in on the theme. Photography in this post by Tin Can Photography. Then, instead of using your favorite mason jars, you want to gather up all the feathers you can find [...]

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