With all the wet weather we’ve been having this month, there’s been a lot of buzz about rainy-day backup plans and rainy-day weddings. It never fails. At every rainy day wedding someone (usually someone’s aunt) says that rainy day weddings mean good luck. (Sidenote: some cultures think the rain brings in cleansing and extra babies.) But we all know that most brides pray and check the weather religiously in the weeks and days leading up to their weddings, keeping their fingers crossed that they’ll have a dry wedding day.

But the truth is: it’s really not all that bad to have rain on your wedding day. There. We said it. Yes. Even if you have an outdoor wedding venue, you can still have a rainy day wedding and it turn out amazing. Yes. Even perfect. We know because we’ve seen it happen.

Think about it. Doesn’t the rain just seem to soothe your soul sometimes? It makes you want to crawl up on the couch in your favorite blanket, put your hair in a messy bun, drink your pumpkin spice latte, and read a good book (or flip through your favorite issue of Martha Stewart Weddings). It’s your chance to slow down, stay in for the day, and spend time with your favorite people doing some of your favorite things.

Rain can have the same effect on wedding days. Yes, you might need to rearrange your ‘do (or use a few more bobby pins). And you might need to jump some puddles. But you’ll also get to have everyone together. Hanging out in the intimate (but not too small) space we call the reception barn. It’s still gorgeous (have you seen our chandelier!) and over looks the lake. You can have a beautiful ceremony right there inside. You can see how beautiful this can be in the video below by Artworks Wedding Cinema. It was intimate. It was comfortable. It was relaxed.

And if you’re not one to run for the hills, you can brave the elements right then and there. This dear couple bravely chose to take their chances and face the odds. And they got sprinkled on.


Photography (both photos) by A Creative Pear Photography.

And then rained on.

Georgia vintage weddings

And it was still their “best day ever, even in the rain!!!” And do you know how it was their best day ever? Because, in the end, it doesn’t matter if all the details are perfect and every hair is in the perfect place. What matters is making unforgettable memories with your favorite people. And no matter what, you will do that on your wedding day. Rain or shine.