You’ve heard us talk all about vintage weddings, but Spring Lake is a versatile venue that can accommodate all kinds of weddings. Yes that’s right, even Boho weddings. Today we’re going to tell you how to get the style.

You want to start with your wedding dress. Pick a dress that you love, adorned with lace and dreamy style flair. Most boho dress are slim silhouettes but you first want to focus on finding a profile that suits your body type. Then you want to look for a dress with a lace bodice, or at the very least, lace accents. Top it off with some gorgeous accessories that nod back to the 20s and make sure your stylists are in on the theme.

Photography in this post by Tin Can Photography.

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Then, instead of using your favorite mason jars, you want to gather up all the feathers you can find with lace accents, burlap, and other sentimental items with vintage flair. Some things we love for boho weddings are vintage books, vintage games, and vintage suitcases or train cases. These little treasures are awesome for displaying on your table or entertaining your guests while you’re away for photos. The vintage suitcases or train cases can hold gifts or cards from your guests, while games can decorate the table with fun vintage flair. You also probably want to incorporate some woodland themed items like sticks and pine cones and more earthy elements such as hand stamped place cards and decorative floral arrangements with organic flair.

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Boho weddings are fun, personalized, and gorgeous. An easy way to personalize your wedding is to use professionally designed program place cards and table numbers. Even if you plan on writing it by hand or stamping it by hand it’s always a good idea to have professional inspiration. You can find a wealth of ideas on Etsy, and if you find a designer you just love we want to encourage you to go ahead and hire that person to personalize your wedding elements. And if you can’t find anything that’s unique to you, find something you love and make it your own.

A fun idea that we’ve seen lately is providing guests with custom Mad Libs that they can complete about you and your groom while you are out getting your photos taken after the ceremony. It’s a great conversation starter, and it lets your guests get to know even more of your love story than they would have known without the Mad Libs. Plus, everyone gets a laugh when they fill in something silly and get a hilarious story out of it. An even more fun twist on this is to let all the guests flip it over and write you a note on the back and then drop it into a vintage train case for you to read on your honeymoon trip. It’s a great way to create memories and to preserve your memories of your boho wedding day.