Veils and Vintage Weddings

There has always been a lot of controversy around the option of wearing a veil for the brides big day versus not wearing one. In the past few years, there is less and less brides choosing to wear veils. So here are some reasons to help persuade you of why you should definitely consider incorporating it into your special day.


Throughout history, wearing a veil for your wedding has become a classic tradition. Originally soon-to-be wives would wear veils to protect them from evil spirits. There was even a period of time when the veil covering the brides face meant purity. However, in more recent years veils have become an addition to the wedding gown to help elevate the beauty of the bride and the gown.

The Dress

It is a great way to complete your outfit. The veil can be used as your special weapon on your wedding day. Picking a veil that highlights all of your great features is key. The veil should also match the style of your dress, the hairstyle you choose for your big day. It should also complete and complement your facial shape and physique. By taking all of this into account, picking out the perfect veil will make your wedding photos look stunning.

Wedding Photos

Your veil will elevate your wedding photos and make them so incredibly magical. This is because veils make it more beautiful by diffusing the light in an exquisite way that enhances the photo. They make the light pliable and give you amazing snapshots. The veil can be used in several ways to enhance the photos, such as laying the veil over the newlywed couple or have the wind blowing the veil.

Diverse Styles

When it comes to choosing a style that best fits you, there are so many different veils out there. For each different type of bride and her style and personality, there is a veil out there for everyone! A lot of veils do tend to have similar measurements, but you can pick how long your want it, if you want lace, if you want glitter. Do you want your veil to be so short that it only covers your face? Or would you prefer one that reaches down to the floor? There are so many choices and you should pick one that best suits you and your wedding style.

How It Makes You Feel

Even though it may sound silly, you should feel special when you put on a veil. You should feel special on your special day! This is the look you had always imagined when you were planning your wedding. Standing in front of the mirror and seeing all your hard work and planning for months all come together is such an amazing feeling and moment that every bride deserves to cry from happiness! You can also have a custom made veil to help make your big day even more special.