The Benefits of Friday or Sunday Weddings

There is always a lot of debate on what days are the best days to have your wedding on. A lot of people take into account pricing and when guests can come. So here is why you should consider having one of the biggest nights of your life either on a Friday or Sunday.


Pro: By doing this, you will ensure that all your guests will be incredibly close to you if they are willing to take this special trip out for you despite it being on a tight schedule. This will make your wedding night much more special and intimate.

Pro: If you start the party later on a Friday night, then more likely people will be able to come and party late into the night. This allows for two days to recover if the party tends to get out of hand. As well as starting early on a Sunday morning, your guests will be able to leave earlier and have enough time to prepare for their week.

Con: Weeknights can be hard for families and guests to come as well as for your guests to attend on Sunday if they have work or school on Monday. Some people may not be able to make it to the ceremony or the entire event.

The Venue

Pro: Some venues tend to have lower prices on days that are not as popular, so the couple will be able to save money by choosing either a Friday or Sunday. 

Con: If you are having a wedding on Sunday and want to have your decorations and other wedding supplies dropped off early at the venue, your venue may not be able to accommodate you. This is because they may be packed with other decorations from the previous two nights.

The Price

Pro: You will save money on your vendors. This is because the more popular the day of the wedding, the higher the expense tends to be. Sometimes some venues even offer the same sit-down service for less on another day. You will also have more luck when you start negotiating prices.

Pro: Airfare tends to cost less on odd days, so you’re out of town guests will be able to take advantage of this. This is also another opportunity for the couple to get cheap flights for their honeymoon. 


Pro: Some people’s religion require it. For example many Jewish weddings take place on Sundays because of the Jewish Sabbath that last from Friday evening to Saturday evening. So when the sun sets later in the summer, it puts Saturday weddings at a disadvantage.

Con: When it comes to having your wedding on a Sunday, this may cause some interference with people who go to religious services every Sunday such as people who are Christian or Catholic. Or if the couple wants to have a priest to officiate the wedding, they may be unavailable on Sunday due to normal church services.


Pro: There tends to be more options when you open up your schedule to Fridays and Sundays, because a majority of people schedule their weddings on Saturdays.