Why You Should Do a Anniversary Photography Session

You don’t need a huge Milestone in your life

A lot of couples don’t have any more photo sessions after their engagement and wedding photoshoot because they lose track of time and they don’t see a reason to have more photoshoots. This is a very common way of thinking, because they don’t have any major milestones in their life and they don’t see why they should spend money for professional photographs. However, you don’t need a major milestone! Having beautiful photos of you and your spouse are the best reason to get them done. Every couple that has been together for 10+ years has admitted to regretting not having more photos taken throughout the years.

It is an Investment

This is another huge reason why people don’t want to get their photos professionally taken, they don’t think it is worth the money. However, this is an investment and people don’t realize this. This is an investment because you are taking time out of you and your spouse’s busy schedule to take beautiful photos and enjoy the day together. It allows you to get an updated picture of the two of you and also share these cute moments with your family and friends as well. 

Gives you time to enjoy yourselves and reflect back

Taking the day to have photos taken of you and your partner is the perfect time for you two to spend time together and make memories together. You can take photos after your first year of marriage, after 3 years of marriage, after 5 years and so on. You can take professional photos at any time because it gives you time to reflect back on your time together. And by getting your photos done, down the line after 20 years of marriage you can look back at these photos and remember the special moments you shared together.


As your family grows, you will invest in a maternity shoot and a photo session after the baby is done. As they grow up you will get photos of your kids growing up and sometimes you will also get family portraits done. However, you spend less time focusing on you and your spouse so you will have less photos together. Next thing you know your children will have grown up and have photo albums full of them, but the last time you took photos of just you and your spouse was your wedding photoshoot. The time skip between those photos and 20 years later will be large and you don’t get to look back and see how the both of you grew together through all this time.


One of the most common things that we say when we are asked “If you could do one thing, what would you do?” is that we wish we could travel! Most of the time when we do have an opportunity to travel it is during honeymoons, holidays and retirement. This is the perfect time for you to have professional photos done. Not only is it once in a lifetime photos, but it will allow you to live in the moment and once you find a great photographer they can show you unique and beautiful spots that you wouldn’t have found if you were just following the typical tourist path.