Why A Summer Wedding?

As we are wrapping up Summer wedding season at Spring Lake Events, we wanted to talk about our absolute favorite things about summer weddings, and why you should consider one (contact us about booking for next year!). 

Full disclosure: There is a lot to love about EVERY season and planning a wedding during each. 

But ah, sweet Summertime. Sweet as a Georgia peach. We have a soft spot for you. 

The Weather. 

Let’s face it, the weather is just a bit more predictable in the summer. You know exactly what to expect, and the summer months lend to a less risky outdoor event. Of course, there’s the chance of rain, but rain in the colder months is a whole different monster to tackle. NO ONE likes cold and wet. But a quick summer shower? That can be handled and might even make for a very unique photo opportunity. There’s something about drinking a sweet lemonade in the summer heat that is inviting and completely wedding appropriate. 

The Wardrobe. 

Warm weather means you have a lot more freedom with your wardrobe (and everyone else’s)! You can take the less is more route since you don’t have to worry about sleeves or cover-ups due to being chilly. Your bridesmaids can wear short dresses if you so choose, and your groom and groomsmen can even roll up their sleeves and go with a more casual look. Heck, they don’t even need sleeves! You can truly do whatever you want and won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable and freezing. Soak up that warm, warm air. 

The Food. 

Something about Summertime leaves you more freedom with your menu too. I mean, truly, you can do whatever you want during whatever season you’d like. We aren’t judging. But guests *might* find it odd if you are having barbecue food in November. But in July? Of course not! Bring it on. You can do the traditional meals, you can keep it casual, or do a combination of both! And don’t forget about dessert- ice cream or sweet sorbet, please! How about a s’more around the fire pit once the sun goes down? All your favorite Summer traditions can be rolled into the greatest celebration ever. Don’t forget to send our invite! 

The Scenery. 

The grass is green. The flowers are in bloom. The trees are full. 

Again, there is a lot of beauty to be found in every season, but Summertime is alive with the beauty of the world around you. Everything is bright and vibrant and makes for some gorgeous landscapes to utilize for photo opportunities. 

And hey, if there’s water nearby (eh hem, like at Spring Lake) you could even get some really amazing photos out on a rowboat! Memory MADE! 

Fun Favors. 

Summer accessories tend to be two things: fun and cheap! 

Need to beat the heat at the ceremony? Give your guests their favor a bit early with a paper fan on their seat! You could easily have them made with cute designs, or a DIY bride could go as far as to make these herself (with some bridesmaids help of course. You’ll need an assembly line). 

Something else you can purchase in bulk that will make for some fun pictures on the dance floor? Sunglasses! They’re a practical gift that will see them through the daylit cocktail hour, and then for the rest of the summer weeks to come. 

Succulents or flowers in little pots will do two things; look amazing on your tables at the reception, and help brighten the homes of your guests when they take them home! 

At Spring Lake Events, we have seen so many beautiful summer weddings that we are confident we can help you plan the one of your dreams! Contact us today to start planning ahead!