What Does A Wedding Planner Do?

There is always a lot of debate on whether or not hiring a wedding planner is the best path to take. Many people believe that hiring a wedding planner will cost you more money when you are trying to save every penny, but what a lot of people don’t know is that hiring someone to plan everything can actually save you money.

How To Get Wedding Discounts

There are a lot that people don’t tell you when it comes to hiring a wedding planner, especially the positives. One of those positives is the fact that wedding planners have the connections to make anything possible. People tend to forget that their specialty is to make dreams come true. Being in the industry for a long time tends to lead to having better relations with vendors and gain more leverage when it comes to getting the best of everything. The freshest flowers, the yummiest cake, the most beautiful decorations and most importantly the best prices! Wedding planners can help their clients receive discounts on all of these things and assist with helping the client stay within their budget.

How To Stay On A Wedding Budget

Staying within a client’s budget is one of the biggest and most important tasks for a wedding planner. Weddings can cost up into the thousands and sometimes even the millions depending on the clients preferences and guest list. So having an experienced planner on your side is very beneficial to make sure you not only stay on budget but also save you money in the long run. There are so many parts within a wedding that people don’t think about until it comes time to make a decision.

For example how many meals in a course, or what kind of napkins, centerpieces, alcohol, streamers, banners, seat covers, etc. All these items and more require money and time and can get pretty pricey, this is when your wedding planner comes into play. Having someone keep an eye on your wedding budget will prevent you from going way over it, especially when it is someone else’s money, people usually take it more seriously and make sure you stick to the budget.

Wedding Planners Save You Time

A lot of clients have full time jobs and are already stressed out, so adding a wedding on top of that will only add to their stress. With a wedding planner they can handle a majority of the tasks to make it easier on their clients. When a client gives the wedding planner a good amount of information to get their ideas and dreams across, that allows the planner to select the best few choices so the client doesn’t have to sit through thousands of options. Then for a final decision the client only has to select from the few chosen.

Planning A Destination Wedding

Plenty of people have destination weddings, that can be a few hours away, a few states away, and even in a different country. This is where the wedding planner can come in. Having someone who is from the area you are planning on having your wedding at can help you with the local customs, trends and even traditions. It can be a small town that is in the next city over to a country on the other side of the world, having someone who knows the local vendors will also help keep you on budget as well as know the customs to help keep you from a possibly embarrassing situation. 

Moving Parts Of A Wedding Day

When it comes to the actual wedding day, there tends to be lots of moving parts within the day so it’s the wedding planners job to keep everyone on track.

From the beginning of the day, their only focus is on making sure your wedding goes perfectly and exactly how you dreamt of it. From the bride getting ready and making sure all the bridesmaids are ready to the groom and groomsmen. They also keep track of the transition from the ceremony to the photo session to the reception. Insuring that you make it on time to get your picture perfect photo-op and that your guests get to their destination for the reception in a timely manner. They are there running around to make your day is perfect so you won’t be as stressed out.

There are plenty of reasons why a wedding planner will benefit you, don’t forget about all the positives that come with hiring outside help to take care of one of the most important days of your life.