Why Should You Hire A Wedding Videographer?

When it comes to hiring a videographer, a lot of people go back and forth on this subject. This is because a larger chunk of your budget will go to hiring your videographer. It may seem unnecessary because you already are hiring a professional photographer, why would you need more? Here are some reasons to consider adding a videographer to your wedding vendor list!

Reliving your memories

It is a world-wide accepted fact that your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, however your wedding allows for you and your spouse to relive those moments forever. Having every moment of your special day captured on film is such an incredible thing to have.

You may even be worried about your family causing drama and you having to rewatch it, trust me, years later after you watch this you will laugh. You can even make anniversaries that much more special by watching and reliving your big day together, whether it is your one year anniversary, five year anniversary or even your 20 year! 

For those who couldn’t make it.

When planning your wedding, you have to prepare and think about who may not be able to attend. Especially if you live far away from your family or plan on having a destination wedding, your older family members may not be able to make it. Elderly people have a hard time traveling, especially if the distance is incredibly long. Some people also have children and it may be a struggle for them to travel with their young kids. Or if you plan on having an adult only wedding, they will need to find someone to babysit their children (which is more money they may have to spend).

There are also the cases where someone gets sick last minute and can’t attend. Now we are all faced with the problem of social distancing thanks to the pandemic, so a lot of people can’t make it to your wedding. So by having all your amazing moments and memories on film can be shared with your whole family, and the ones who couldn’t be there can enjoy the moments as well!

Vows, music and toasts

When it comes to your vows, music and toasts you can’t capture that on camera. Those beautiful speeches made by the maid of honor and best man are best captured on film. There is also nothing like hearing your spouse say their vows again and the exact moment where you became husband and wife. Your videographer can freeze any moment in time for you. You will also be able to watch your uncle and dad bust out their crazy moves on the dance floor while your husband and mother have a silly dance together to make you laugh. 

Moments You Missed

You will be incredibly busy and you and your spouse can miss so many moments on your big day. Once you take a step back and rewatch the video with your spouse and watch the moments you missed! You can also watch your wedding through your guests eyes. You get to see the anticipation of you walking down the aisle. A wedding videographer is the perfect set of eyes and ears to capture all the amazing moments.


Your wedding video will become an invaluable heirloom that you can pass down to your children. Your future family and grandchildren will be able to see you and the love of your life. How many times in your life will your whole family be together? Then capturing it on camera and film to have forever for your family to watch for centuries down the line is such an amazing and priceless heirloom.