How To Get Inspired For Your Wedding

At the risk of suffering from a severe care of inspiration overload, we wanted to chat today about where you can go to browse ideas and shop all things wedding! 

It’s 2019, and SO much has changed in the wedding planning game. There is inspiration everywhere you choose to look for it. So let’s review your options, and then decide what would be best for you as far as where to focus! 

Instagram Hashtag Search 

There are SO many hashtag to options, which leaves you lots of room to narrow down your search!

Instead of searching for something generic that will leave you in a black hole of scrolling through thousands and thousands of different styled weddings, try and get more specific with your search. Try something like #bohowedding, or #DIYwedding to really hone in on what you’re going for. The more specific you can get, the less likely you are to be overwhelmed with your results.


Pinterest has really withstood the test of time as far as wedding inspiration goes. Within the ever-changing world of social media, Pinterest has really established itself as a “go-to” search engine for almost anything you need help brainstorming about, and it’s only getting better and stronger. 

Same rule applies as far as being a bit more specific. You will get SLAMMED if you just search for “wedding ideas” on Pinterest, but if you search “DIY favors” or “rustic centerpieces”, you will probably be much more pleased with your results, and are less likely to have a stress headache. 

Wedding Blogs 

Um, hello! Hi! Wedding blog here! 

In all seriousness though, while we hope our blog offers you lots of inspiration (specifically with your event at Spring Lake), there are tons of blogs that will speak directly to whatever topic it is that you need guidance on.

To tie it INTO Pinterest, often you will stumble upon blogs linked on there, and then you might end up being an avid follower of said blog. Social media combining forces for your wedding planning needs! Score! 

If you aren’t on Pinterest, and don’t want to learn one more search bar website, Google will work just fine too. It’ll lead you directly to the top blogs and you can browse through until you find a voice that speaks to you. 


We have a blog post written about some of our favorite wedding podcasts (check it out!), but besides the ones we named, there are LOTS more. Podcasts give your poor eyes a break from staring and scrolling at your phone or computer screen, and can often give you more of a “hanging with your girlfriends” vibe to wedding planning. They’re a nice way to switch things up, and you can multitask! Hey, if you really want, you can Pinterest AND listen to blogs at the same time. Only if you’re hardcore enough, though!  

Personal Experience 

It can really help to keep an inspiration journal of sorts. The best ideas come from things you have experienced for yourself. Think about all of the weddings you’ve attended, and jot down what you loved about them and might want to incorporate into your own. Maybe even jot down what you DIDN’T like so you can discuss the do’s and don’t with your partner and make sure everyone is on the same page. 

We know you are noticing people’s weddings on your personal social media accounts, too! Maybe you aren’t besties with someone you attended middle school with, but you are Facebook friends with her, and of COURSE you stalked her wedding photos. Don’t be afraid to browse those pictures and draw inspiration from them! I’m sure the bride would be flattered. Not to mention, she’ll truly never know. 

These are a few of our favorite ways to get those wedding wheels turning! Of course, if all else fails, contact your wedding venue to help you narrow down those ideas. At Spring Lake Events, we love helping couples piece together their perfect day!