The Best Times Of The Year For Weddings Across The Country

When it comes to trying to find the best time to get married it definitely depends on the location you want the wedding. Here are the best months to get married based on the location of your wedding venue to have the perfect ceremony and reception.

East Coast Beach Weddings

Having a wedding on the East Coast whether it’s is all the way up north towards Maine or all the way south in Florida, there are a lot of beautiful spots to have your ceremony. However there are key times and months of when you should hold your wedding.

For the states that are located up North such as Maine and Connecticut, the best months to hold your wedding are the summer months. They are typically colder states since they are up north, June, July and August are your best bets to have a ceremony with beautiful weather.

While the states that are located in the South such as Georgia and Florida the best months to have your wedding are in March-May and November- December. This is because of the heat and humidity that typically lasts throughout most of the year. However, if you still choose to have a wedding in the summer, be sure to keep your eye on the weather since hurricanes are possible in this time frame.

West Coast Beach Weddings

Having a wedding on the West Coast (typically California and Oregon) can be tricky since they tend to be incredibly busy with tourists visiting the beaches during your desired time frame, so here are some tips on the best months and times when to have a beach wedding.

The best months to have a wedding that won’t be at the peak of tourist season are spring and fall months. From March to May (taking spring break into consideration) and then September -November these are the best months to have your ceremony on the beach. If you choose to have it during the summer you won’t only be dealing with a surplus of tourists, but also deal with the sweltering summer heat.

The best time during the day to have a wedding is in the morning from 8 am to 10 am. While having a sunset wedding, the best time to have it is around 7 pm to 9pm. These are the best times because there won’t be as many people and the heat won’t be as extreme. 

Forest Weddings

The best months to have your wedding in the forest or the summer and fall months. This is because for the forests that are located up North the spring and winter months will have snow and not be as safe for you and your guests. So during May-September would be your best bet to have a wedding but make sure to follow any restrictions and rules that may occur when having your wedding on park property this includes camp fires, amount of people and having glass.

Desert Weddings

When it comes to having your wedding out in the desert, there are only a few months out of the year where the weather is perfect. Otherwise it’s either too hot and you will get a heat stroke or it’s too cold and you and your guests have to deal with hypothermia. A lot of people don’t know that in the winter months, deserts can get down into the single digits. 

Some people may also decide to have it in the summer anyways and just wait till it’s later in the evening so they can beat the heat and have the ceremony at sunset. The pictures will be absolutely beautiful, however once the sun goes down the heat will disappear and get into the low temps. It is a very dramatic change in temperature so make sure you bring proper accommodations for your guests such as blankets. A few of the ideal months to have your wedding is in April-May and August-September, even possibly early October.

Farm Weddings

Farm weddings are a beautiful choice, however depending on where the farm is really depends on what months are best. Typically farms that are on the west coast and central parts of the US, the best months to have them are from March-May and late August- Early October. 

If you plan on having a wedding more up north and on the northern parts of the East Coast, having your wedding from May-August will be your best bet. Now if you have your wedding on a farm located in the south, Spring, Fall and even close to winter weddings are great. It won’t be as hot or humid leaving you and your guests a better environment to enjoy, however make sure to look out for possible tropical storms and hurricanes.

Lake Weddings

Like farms, the best times to have your wedding on the lake or by the water really depend on which region you plan on having it. For the West Coast, and central part of the United States late spring and fall are the best seasons to have it in. For Northern parts of the East Coast and by the Great Lakes summer is the prime time to have your ceremony. While in the south, it’s best to avoid the summer, but you can have your wedding in spring, fall and early winter.

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