Must-Know Rehearsal (and Dinner) Deets

Who is in Charge of Rehearsal Dinner

If we look back on history, the bride’s parents usually pay for all the costs of the wedding. So the polite thing for taking on the rehearsal dinner falls on the groom’s family. With new traditions and the new customs, it varies with who pays for what. The best way to decide is to talk with your partner and in-laws or parents.

The Type Of Rehearsal 

When it comes to the style of rehearsal dinners, they are more relaxed, lowkey, and drama free. This gives couples a time to be together and chill out before their big day. With the pandemic still a large concern, outside dinner rehearsals are becoming more and more popular. It is important to make it so that the rehearsal does not upstage your wedding.

Wedding Rehearsal DinnerThemes

Having a theme incorporated into your rehearsal dinner makes it fun. You can also incorporate a similar theme of your wedding into the rehearsal. There are also tons of other themes you can have and coordinate the rehearsal to your dinner. Have a luau themed rehearsal and a pork entrée.


Having the rehearsal at a different or unique location allows a different feel to the celebration. Such as a winery, a casual BBQ, bowling alley, or even a brewery. Of course you would need to take into consideration the current situation of the pandemic. 


Keep in mind that this is a reception, you don’t need to match up to the wedding itself or try to out shine it when it comes to the decor. Keep it simple and classy so it is easy to set up, easy to take down, and is easy on the eyes.

Guest List

Usually the guest list for the rehearsal dinner includes close family members and people who are in the wedding party. It is considerate to invite everyone, but if you are on a tight budget it is best to keep the guest list short.

The Schedule

Typically the rehearsal dinner is scheduled the night before the wedding. It usually states on the invite that it starts around 5:30 pm when it actually starts at 6:00 pm. This is a good trick to give your guests enough time and still make it to the dinner on time without any disruptions during the dinner. The rehearsal lasts for a few hours, then everyone is sent home with full tummies and excitement for the wedding the next day.

Rehearsal Dinner Menu

When it comes to choosing the menu for the rehearsal dinner, it is best to keep the food options on the lighter side. If the food is too heavy or rich, it may cause stomach issues for your guests, and this may carry on to the next day. Having an upset stomach or bloating on the day of the wedding is not fun.

Host and Guests

It is polite for the host to welcome guests at the beginning of the rehearsal. During the rehearsal, due to it’s relaxed nature, it is inviting for guests to stand up and give toasts as well as crack a couple of jokes.

Wedding Rehearsal Presents

The rehearsal dinner is the perfect place to give your bridal party their gifts (if you have gotten them anything). This is also the perfect time to give a quick speech and thank your party members for all their help, support, love and guidance.


As the dinner is coming to an end this is the perfect opportunity to let everyone know any last minute changes in your plans for the wedding. This ensures that it stays fresh in your guests minds as they head home or to their hotels and get ready to help you celebrate your big day!

Have Fun!

It’s your rehearsal dinner, go have fun!