Choosing a Menu Style, Which Is Right for You?


One of the main aspects you will focus on while planning your big day is the wedding menu. There are so many different menu options to choose from for your wedding and luckily that means you can customize them to your wedding day.


If you plan to do a themed wedding you may only want to serve cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, or maybe you’re doing an around the world theme where you want to serve several different types of food buffet style.


But how do you choose a menu style?


First, choose what you are going for with your wedding. Maybe you are doing adults only or plan on having a bunch of kids. This will drastically change the answer. Plan your wedding, look at who is coming, and then look for your menu options.


Here are some more tips to help you choose the wedding menu that will best match your style as a couple.

Sit-Down Dinner Wedding Menu

If you are looking for a traditional reception, a sit-down dinner is a great option. All the guests will be seated however you arrange them and staff will come in and serve them. It will typically be two courses and then of course cake once you cut it up for everyone.


Most of the time everyone is served the same appetizer to make it easier and then they get to choose the main course from the selection on the menu.


This is great for a couple looking for a formal affair and those looking to have control over the look of the meal. It is also one of the most efficient ways to serve multiple guests.


The downside to this wedding menu style is that the food can be limited which means that if guests have any dietary restrictions you need to know well in advance.

Family-Style Dinner Menu

If you are looking for something family-friendly and a little more casual than a super formal dinner family-style is a great alternative. This is when everyone sits around their table and can serve themselves.


Usually, food is brought out to the middle of each table and guests can put whatever they want on their plate. It is a mix of a wedding buffet and a sit-down menu. The first course usually has one or two options for the entire table and then the entree is a protein with two small sides.


This is great for couples who want to give their guests options and want the families to build connections with each other. Unfortunately, this is also one of the more expensive menu options and it takes up tons of space meaning fewer decor options for your event.

Wedding Buffet Menu

Most wedding buffets are offered on long tables and have a variety of food choices. If you want a wide range of cuisines and have guests who are picky eaters this is a great option for you.


The detail that you will need to think about is how your guests will get through the line and if you’ll need multiple tables.


This is the most desirable option for guests and it can be set up in a way that will look flattering in photos. The downside with this option is that if you choose several types of cuisines it can be expensive.

Self-Serve Wedding Menu

Similar to a buffet your guests will stand in a line to serve themselves food. The key difference is that staff will scoop out the food and place it on your guest’s plate. This is a more interactive style and means that if something runs out it will be replaced quickly.


You can get creative with this wedding menu and do handmade personal pizzas, or even an oyster station. The downside of this is that it can get expensive depending on what you’re looking for. This will also cost extra for staffing reasons.

Cocktail-Style Dinner

Are you thinking about an adult-only wedding? You’re not alone. This is a perfect option for couples who want to ditch traditional receptions altogether. You won’t need to focus on sitting a bunch of people or where to put a buffet.


Instead, you can offer chairs and small tables but allow your guests to grab cocktails, snacks, and mingle with one another. Let them dance and pick on snacks as the night goes on.

This is perfect for couples who want to keep things light and fun while also offering the guests variety.


This wedding menu is perfect for couples looking to throw a huge wedding but doesn’t have the funds to feed everyone.


Unfortunately, this may not be the most comfortable for older adults and they may be confused by this reception.


You can choose any style of menu that reflects your theme and the vibe you’re going for. Our wedding venue will work around caterers and help you set up something magical.