Wedding Traditions You Can Absolutely Break


The world is always changing, and so are our customs. You can choose whether or not you want to uphold traditions or simply let them go.


Wedding traditions have become no exception to the changing environment. As the previous generations grow up, we see traditions change.


This may seem scary to the older generation, but the truth is it gives brides a chance to create a totally unique experience and even start their own family traditions.


It can be easy to feel obligated to uphold traditions, but your wedding should be your way. This is the moment you choose to walk down the aisle and be with the person you fell in love with for the rest of your life.


There are a few wedding traditions that are okay to break and stray from. If you’ve been waiting for the okay, this is your sign.

Stray From White

One trending broken tradition we have seen is choosing a colored dress. Some brides choose pastel pinks, soft lavender, creams, and ivories. Other brides choose bold colors like dark greens, reds, and even black gowns.


Although white screams bridal, it might not be your style. You are allowed to experiment with color and find a dress that you truly fall in love with.


Don’t feel pressured to choose something white out of tradition; be you on your big day.

If you want the best of both worlds, you can choose a white dress for the ceremony and funky color for your reception. If you love the idea of a “big white dress” without the white, you can find a traditional style dress in the color of your choice.

Girls As Bridesmaids and Guys as Groomsmen

Mixed-gender wedding parties are absolutely a must in today’s world. You should not feel afraid to mix with your favorite male friend, and your future husband shouldn’t feel afraid to invite their lady friends to the party.


Let your future spouse invite their brother or sisters, even favorite cousins, to be in the bridal party. Getting rid of the mindset of only girls as bridesmaids allows for weddings to have so many options!

Matching Bridesmaids Dresses

One thing that brides and bridal parties tend to dislike is trying to find matching dresses. Chances are, each person in your bridal party will be a totally different size and have a different body shape.


It can be hard to find a one size fits all type of dress. If this wedding tradition feels like a hassle, skip it! Maybe opt for the same color rather than the same exact dress.


This also allows for each person to wear something they’re comfortable in, and you may even get better pictures because of it.

Brides and Groom’s Side

One of the biggest traditions you might see is his and hers side. Do you really want it to be so divided? Let go of the idea of the bride’s side vs. groom’s side.


One side may be much smaller than the other. Instead of separating the two sides, create a sign that tells the guests to choose their own seats. This may also help people get to know each other.


It’s time to break wedding traditions and your Georgia wedding this year. This is the chance to create a day that you have always dreamed of.