What A Wedding Planner DOESN’T Do

Wedding planners are nothing short of miracle workers, however, their powers do have limits. Despite their all-powerful influence there are just some things that wedding planners don’t have control over. 

Guest lists and Addresses

Creating a guest list and getting addresses is the bride and grooms job so they can get a good estimate on how many people will be attending. Only about 80% of people who are invited actually RSVP and attend. This information will be vital so you can base your budget off of the amount of people coming.

Creating The Budget

When setting the budget, it is a good idea to have a meeting with all the people who are contributing to help pay for the wedding. Try to have a set budget before hiring your wedding planner

Contracts and Vendors

Wedding planners can suggest vendors and caterers as well as review contracts that vendors and caterers provide. It is not their job to sign the contract for you.

Making Big Decisions

This day is about you and your soon-to-be spouse. So it is also your duty to make major decisions. Anything you (both bride and groom) like or dislikes should be made know to each other and your wedding planner so they can have an idea of your tastes. Doing this can help them point you in the right direction when looking for venues and decorations.


Registering is another job only you and your fiance can do. Some people dread doing this but you can make it fun! Bring snacks along, clear your day so you don’t have to worry about anything else. You can also bring one person along to help you both in case it becomes too overwhelming. 

Venue Rules

Some venues can be very strict and can have certain policies that you may not agree with.  If it comes down to it and they have a policy that completely derails your plan. It is not acceptable to try and get your wedding planner to break the rules for you. They can ask if an exception can be made, but otherwise it is beyond their control.

Doing Vendors’ Jobs

The wedding planners job is to coordinate everyone and everything. They can’t do that if they are busy setting up chairs, serving food, serving alcohol, and cutting cake. The chairs are usually the venue’s job to set up, and the caterer is in charge of cutting the cake.

The Guest Floor Plan

There will always be family drama. Maybe your divorced aunt and uncle don’t get along well. Or your sister doesn’t do well being placed in a small space. Or you need to keep that one family member who likes to take advantage of the bar in the farthest place away from the alcohol. Regardless, you know your family better then anyone else, so it is your job to give the guest placements to your wedding planner.

Obtaining A Marriage License

Getting a marriage license is the groom and brides duty, each state has different requirements on how to obtain it and your wedding planner can point you in the right direction and let you know what needs to get done.


Your wedding planner will become your closest ally. They can give you the wedding of your dream, but they are not in charge of resolving family drama that may come up at a wedding. So do not put that amount of pressure on them.