Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid Gift

You’ve chosen your squad, and to thank them for being a part of your big day (and everything leading up to it), you want to get them a really special gift. The truth is, we could write a book on the different options, but these are just a few of our favorites…

Personalized Jewelry 

Many of the options we’re going to discuss might seem obvious or overdone. The reason? They’re timeless gifts that no one could ever get sick of! 

Jewelry is one of those things. No girl will ever complain about a gorgeous necklace, bracelet, or set of earrings! You could have names or initials engraved onto them, or personalize with something related to your friendship. Maybe her birthstone? The bonus is she can wear it on the day of the wedding! It’ll create an unspoken bond between your girls, and they’re bound to love and continue to use it. 

Matching Ensembles 

Another gift that is always a hit is something your bridesmaid can wear on the day of while getting ready! You’ll notice trends of gorgeous silky robes or cute personalized button-up shirts in a lot of wedding photography. That’s because it’s the perfect photo opportunity, and it gives your girls something cozy to lounge around in until it’s time to get those dresses on. It’s also something they can use in their daily routines at home! 


The majority of the time, some sort of booze is going to be a gift-giving hit! 

Weddings are also an appropriate time for that sort of thing. You could always splurge on a fancier bottle of champagne or wine for your girls to drink while they’re getting their hair and makeup done. Or maybe a 6 pack of craft beer for your beer-drinking girlfriend! No one will be disappointed with this choice (unless they don’t drink, in which case, see any of the other options!).  You can even get them personalized labels printed thanking them for standing by your side! 


The perfect complimentary gift to go with the bottle from above is personalized drinkware! This is another popular trend, but again, it’s because it’s something people will always end up using all the time. Wine glasses, champagne glasses, mugs, tumblers… you name it and you can put their name on it! 

If you’re looking to spend a bit of extra money, insulated cups, like a Yeti, are a good option. They’re heavy-duty and wonderful to use in everyday life. You and the girls can take some photos sipping from your new champagne glasses on your wedding day.. Or maybe just drink some coffee from your new mugs that morning. Have to stay caffeinated! 


Each of your bridesmaids probably has something in her life she feels really passionate about. That’s going to be different across the board, depending on her life experiences. The most personal gift you could give is recognizing her passion and making a donation to a cause that she supports. Write her a letter thanking her for being your friend and your bridesmaid, and include in the note where you made a donation and why. You’ll be sure to touch her heart with such a gesture. 

Whatever you end up choosing for those special ladies in your life, remember to add a touch of “you” to it!