Wedding Insurance 101

Imagine this: You have the perfect venue rented for your reception months in advance. What if, two weeks before your wedding, the reception space goes out of business and you have to book another space- which ends up costing three times the price? Or what if your wedding dress gets lost in the airport luggage and you have to buy a new one the night before? What if, somehow, a wedding band is lost right before the ceremony and you have to purchase a replacement? Heaven forbid any of these scenarios to occur on your dream day, but we want to keep you aware of the possibilities so that you can best prepare for them.

Wedding insurance is the best way to ensure that you’re not losing thousands of dollars for unexpected circumstances beyond your control.  

What is Wedding Insurance?

To summarize, Wedding Insurance is a type of event insurance that protects the investments of a couple by financially reimbursing them for circumstances beyond their control. 

There are two different kinds of Wedding Insurance that you’ll want to be familiar with in order to decide which best fits your needs. There is liability coverage and cancellation coverage. Liability coverage generally covers property damage and bodily injury. Be sure to ask your venue if they have event liability before you purchase it, there’s no need for overlapping coverage! Cancellation coverage covers any pre-paid, non-refundable deposits in case you need to cancel an aspect of your wedding. 

Why do I Need It?

We’re sure you know the hours of planning and the thousands of dollars that go into planning your wedding. Unfortunately, wedding insurance companies are familiar with and could recount to you hundreds of unexpected circumstances that their customers have faced on their big day. The truth is, things happen.

In the end, a wedding insurance policy costs wayyy less than the amount of potential loss that it is covering. 

How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost?

A basic insurance policy that will cover the loss or damage of things such as attire, rings, pictures, videos, deposits, and gifts costs anywhere from $155-$550.

General liability costs around $185. (Again, be sure to check with your venue before purchasing liability coverage!)

What does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Wedding Insurance basically covers any unforeseen circumstances that lie beyond the couple’s control. This includes the following:

  • Venue / Site: What if like we said earlier, your venue space goes out of business? Wedding Insurance would cover your non-refundable deposits.
  • Weather: Weather is 40% of couples who have wedding insurance’s number one use of coverage and it is beyond everyone’s control!
  • Vendors: Let’s say your booked limo driver doesn’t show up and you have to call a taxi last minute, your wedding insurance will reimburse your lost money. 
  • Sickness / Injury: Some insurance policies cover the expenses of a member of the wedding party being sick or anyone getting injured during the event.
  • Attire Loss or Damage: This includes the bride’s dress, the groom’s outfit, and the wedding party’s attire.
  • Lost or Stolen Gifts: This can get expensive and leave you wondering how you’re going to afford all the things you had held off on buying because of your registry at once. The right insurance will reimburse you for that loss.
  • Property Damage: Liability insurance will cover property damage to the site if the venue doesn’t have its own insurance.
  • What doesn’t Wedding Insurance Cover?

Wedding Insurance doesn’t cover a change of heart. Cold feet doesn’t count as a reason for financial reimbursement.