A lot brides and grooms want to include their pets in the wedding, but don’t know how they should. Here are some examples of what you can do to include your fur-babies on your big day as well as some tips you should take into consideration!


How far away is your ceremony/ reception?

You need to take this into account when transporting your fur-baby, how long is the drive and will they be comfortable taking a road trip?


Can the venue you are having your ceremony/ reception accommodate your pet?

Make sure that the venue allows pets and has the space for them.


How does your fur-baby do in new environments?

Sometimes animals have a difficult time when entering a new environment and suffer from anxiety. This can cause your pet to feel extremely uncomfortable and act out aggressively.


How does your pet do around large crowds and new people?

If your pup has trouble around large crowds and new people, it is probably not the best idea to include them in the ceremony or reception. Especially if the guest list is very long.


Would there be other pets or animals at the wedding?

If your pet is prone to running/chasing after other animals, be sure to account for this when including other animals or having your wedding in the wilderness (squirrels).  


Is there anyone in your wedding party or guest list who is uncomfortable around dogs?

Some people may be allergic to dogs or even be scared to be around them. Make sure to take this into consideration and include that your dog will be apart of the ceremony on your invitations. 

Day Of The Wedding

  • You can invite your pup up to your getting ready suite! A perfect “pick me up” to help relieve your nerves before the ceremony.
  • Your pet will be dressed up in their best Bow Tie or Flower Crown and they can accompany you while you walk down the aisle.
  • Include your fur-baby in your getting ready photos. Bridesmaids and groomsmen can do a photoshoot with the special furry guest.
  • You can train your pup to be the perfect Flower Girl or Ring Bearer.
  • When taking your Bride and Groom photos together, make sure to include your pet. It will make for perfect momentos and if you have always wanted to have professional photos of your pet, this is the perfect time!
  • Non Traditional wedding party? You can have the role of your maid-of-honor or best-man bestowed upon your furry-friend.


  • During your first dance you can include your precious pup to dance with you and your spouse. You can have your pet dance with you during the first dance.
  • Have dog inspired pastries, not only does it make it a unique theme but you will also have cute dog cookies.
  • You can have dog inspired place cards and other classy decor inspired by dogs. Make sure you don’t over do it with the dog theme decorations, it will make your ceremony and reception look tacky.

Photography Ideas

  • During your engagement photos, you can include a cute photo op with your sweet pup.
  • While taking photos you can dress up with your spouse with matching outfits, you can involve your pet and have them coordinate with your outfits. 
  • When taking your photos for your engagement or for your wedding, this is the perfect opportunity to have a family portrait that includes your fur-baby.
  • During the reception, you can have each guest do a photo-op with your pup as the photographer makes their way around the room to take photos of the reception.
  • Photo Booths have become a popular way to get your guests to interact with each other, and if your pet is small enough you can include them in your photobooth sessions.

Unique Ideas

  • You can make your pet’s leash customized to fit the theme of your wedding. You can decorate it by wrapping it in greenery and flowers.
  • Greenery wreaths have become a cute trend for your dog, they will stay on a lot better than a flower crown.
  • This can be perfect for a farm wedding, you can have a grand entrance to your wedding by riding in on a horse.
  • You can have a separate processional with go-pro on your dog. Have your dog run up and tape a cute footage from their point of view.
  • For your wedding you can have your pocket square customized and embroidered with your pup on it. 
  • There are now Alpacas that you can rent to attend your wedding. 
  • Hosting your wedding at a farm? Include adorable farm animals to be featured in your wedding photos and walk the processional. 
  • Consider giving back to animal shelters (include shelter pups and cats) by donating money and giving your guests the option to donate as well.