Wedding Tips For Covid

With everyone wanting to encourage and implement safe practices during their wedding ceremonies and receptions, we have come up with a list of tips to help with that!

Have A Love for Movies?

Lots of couples bond over their favorite movies, so we wanted to incorporate that! A lot of things are coming back into style, and drive-in movie theaters are one of them! They are the perfect solution to practicing social distancing by staying in the car while they enjoy the show. Now incorporate that idea into your wedding, you can host a drive-in wedding! With all your guests pulled up in a spacious and beautiful field watching on a huge movie screen your intimate ceremony. You can also hire food trucks such as taco trucks and ice cream trucks to help serve your guests! It gives the perfect feeling of reliving the drive-in theme while feeding your guests at the same time. Catering on wheels! To make your wedding more intimate, you can add some personal touches. Add flowers with your speakers and even some fun props! You may also want to take some ideas from favorite movie classics that had drive-in movie theaters like grease.

Football Fan?

You don’t have to be a football fan to love this idea! If you have ever heard of football, then I’m sure you have heard of tailgating. The two go hand-in-hand, so now turn that idea into a fun wedding! Your guests can park their cars in distanced spaces, while lined up in rows and watch your ceremony from the comfort of their designated spots. When parking the cars, make sure to leave a walkway for the newlyweds to make their way down the make-shift aisle. It is a fun experience to walk down the aisle that is lined up with all your friends and family as they congratulate you on your big day at a safe distance. To make sure all your guests are parked where they are supposed to be, you should designate someone to be in charge of directing the cars where they need to go. To help with this, the space you plan on using should be outlined with decorations like flowers or ribbons to help them know where to park. It will also add a personal touch to your wedding!

Masks and Outfits

Some of you may have already thought about this, but it is still a fantastic idea! When picking out your dress, take into account the type of material it is made with. No matter what, there will be alterations for your dress. So there will be extra material left over, you can use this to make a beautiful matching mask! Make sure you talk about this with the person in charge of your alterations. It may cost you a bit more for the material and the labor. Or if you are able to purchase the material itself from the shop and make it on your own. This can also go the same way for the men in suits. Match the mask with the according colors of the suit. If the suit is black or white, then that makes it a bit easier when trying to find a matching mask. However, if you have a different color suit for the groomsmen, it may be more difficult to come by. If this is the case then you should take to the person in charge of alternating the suits. They may be able to help you either create the masks, or instruct you as to where you can find that color and material to make the masks yourself.

Intimate Venue

If you are already on a pretty tight budget, and don’t want to worry about going out into the world for your wedding. The perfect solution is to have the ceremony and reception at your home! This is perfect especially if you have a larger yard or home. If you have space in your yard you can set up a beautiful wedding tent or a canopy to help shield your guests from the sun or rain. It will also add finesse because you can decorate it with beautiful flowers and benches. The backyard tent or canopy could also double as both the ceremony area and reception. During these times, most people are trying to keep their guests to a small number so having a small intimate wedding in your backyard or home is the perfect venue.


When inviting your guests, there is a lot of concern among them when they are determining if they want to attend or not. They may not want to have to worry about offending other family members or friends if they don’t want to interact with the other guests. So a great solution to prevent misunderstandings is to adapt with wrist bands. Having wrist bands with labels and different colors is a great way for other guests to know your preferences. For example: Green Wrist band= open to hugging and talking. Yellow= open to distanced talking, but no touching. Red= no talking or touching.