2021 Wedding Trends

With 2021 just beginning, we are so excited to share the new trends that come with the new year and with vintage weddings in 2021

The Wedding Welcome Box

We have heard of wedding welcome bags, now there is wedding welcome boxes! With everyone on the curve of making weddings socially safe with the worry of covid, hand sanitizer and masks are a must and obvious add on to your box. Some couples have their wedding date or initials monogrammed onto the mask and hand sanitizer to put a fun spin on it. You can also include in the box the program for the ceremony and reception, as well as small trinkets or samples of some of the bride and groom’s favorite things. It can range from something simple as a water bottle and some local pastries to bottles of their favorite wine. The whole idea of unboxing makes it more fun then simply going through a bag.

Tents, Canopies, and Fairy Lights

With people pivoting their ideal wedding to be more focused on outside weddings. The open space and open air is more appealing than confined spaces. To put a more romantic spin on the outdoor wedding, tents and canopies are starting to trend and become more popular. Having the tent lit up with warm twinkling lights and small delicate touches of flowers and greenery hanging from the ceiling gives a beautiful and fantasy-like aesthetic. It is also perfect for people who are looking for a more rustic or farmhouse idea. Couples tend to be leaning more into nature themed weddings.

Small Toasts

With smaller weddings on the rise, it tends to make the ceremony and receptions more intimate. By inviting your closest family and friends, it allows for more time to get small fun speeches from more people. Of course the maid of honor and best man are always in charge of giving great speeches to the newlyweds and guests, but now it is becoming more popular to give smaller speeches. The speeches tend to be more casual and fun. With everyone being close to the bride and groom, the mini speeches will most likely consist of short funny stories of either the bride or groom, or maybe sometimes both. This makes your reception that much more intimate and memorable.

The Trend of Living Room Decor At Weddings

More and more people are hoping on the trend to use living room decor in their wedding photoshoots. It is a fun and interesting concept! Couches, elegant chairs, with fancy throw blankets and super plush pillows is a magical image with a beautiful nature background. It can be a little difficult to pull off the concept, but the results are amazing! You can also put your own spin on it if you love the farmhouse aesthetic. You can even use a beautiful open barn concept with stylish couch or arm chair, lit up by soft fairy lights. It is a careful balance between two extremes!

Miniature Cakes

Couples are becoming more unique and putting a fun twist on traditions! It used to be that the larger the cake, the bigger the impact. But in recent years we are seeing more small details that helps bring the ceremony and reception together more intimately. It is part of the fun to see new elements be added to weddings that are basically mix-and-matching to the couples tastes. We have seen super large, sophisticated wedding cakes to making cupcakes and placing them on elegant tiers. Now we have a mix between the two, a couple can request to have minicakes! Minicakes are a fun and initiate way to serve your guests cake. It is a special feeling, who wouldn’t want a cute cake made specifically for them? You can have all the cakes looking identical, you can even have some that are a little mismatching but still stay with the theme and colors of the wedding. Some brides even request to have the cake to be decorated after their wedding dress!