Tips for Grooms

Most articles are geared towards the bride. Why is that? Because the demand seems to be there. Brides are on the search engines looking up wedding advice, Googling hairstyles and dresses, but the men need answers too! This one’s for you, guys! Your involvement in the wedding is just as important, and we are here to try and make that involvement a little easier for you. Here are hopefully some answers to some questions you have! 

The Major Decisions

You absolutely need to make your opinions known with the major stuff! Have you ever heard of the 80/20 term in reference to weddings? 80 percent of your budget will be spent on 20 percent of your decisions. So this is a big deal, and you should both be on the same page! 

Major decisions include

  • The venue (eh hem, we know a great one called Spring Lake Events you should probably suggest. Just sayin’). 
  • The caterer. 
  • The photographer/videographer. 
  • The DJ/band. 

So make sure to go wedding venue shopping with her! Do you own research on photography styles, catering options, etc. You have just as much a say, even though society doesn’t always make it seem that way. This is your big day, too! You and your spouse to be can most certainly make it your own collaboratively. 

The Registry

This is a different kind of major decision, mostly unrelated to the wedding, but that will affect you in the long run. Many men dismiss themselves of the wedding registry responsibilities figuring that they won’t be present for the actual shower. But these gifts are for both of you! You should play a large role in picking out the items that you’ll be using in your home for years to come (assuming you choose home items. Maybe it’s a honeymoon instead!). This is a big job, so make sure your bride-to-be knows you want in on it! 

Assemble Your Men

Your groomsmen are your team. You are the coach. While your bride is wrangling bridesmaids, make sure your men have it together. Keep tabs on who’s helping with what, make sure they know what time to be where, and keep them in line! It will be less of a headache for everyone involved if they are kept up to speed on every detail so you don’t run into any hiccups the day of. 


Another fun, big decision is your honeymoon! Again, you NEED to speak up about this one! It will be the trip of a lifetime, so you should definitely have some input on where you go and what you do to create those memories. Your new spouse will be thrilled to plan this trip with you, and your help in this department will be much appreciated. 

Your Moves

Almost every bride appreciates a man with some solid dance moves. Surprise her by brushing up on those moves before the wedding! Just make sure your shoes aren’t too slippery to dance on when you get there (that’s a “Friends” reference. Look it up). 

Surprise Her with Sentiment

We probably don’t have to tell you this, because the reason she’s marrying you in the first place is that you’re a charming stallion, but… surprise her with something sentimental on your wedding day! Whether it’s a letter for her to read while getting ready or an item that reminds her of your very first date, she will be a blubbering mess and will be racing down that aisle to get you. Hopefully, she receives it before her makeup is done! 

That’s a wrap on our suggestions for the groom, but overall, BE INVOLVED! This is your big day, and looking back, you’ll love that you did this TOGETHER!