Traditional Themes Versus Modern, Which Is Best For You?


Some brides love all of the classics that scream Big White Wedding, while other brides like to spice it up and go modern with their weddings.


You no longer have to follow traditional wedding rules and can simply create a wedding that you have always dreamed up. Ditch the garter toss and do something you will fall in love with.


Let’s talk about modern brides and classic brides. We will go over everything from dress styles to invitations and of course ceremony ideas. So, are you more modern or a classic bride? Let’s find out!

The Wedding Dress

No matter what style of dress you choose, this should be your day. It is often one of the best parts of planning a wedding and a day to allow both moms to see the beautiful bride together.


Classic wedding dresses tend to have lots of lace, off-shoulder sleeves, v-necks, and a full skirt. This is a romantic look that many brides fall in love with. It’s elegant and tasteful.


Modern wedding dresses are a bit zestier. These can include fitted designs with a mermaid-style skirt and in various colors.


Some brides love going for pastel purples, pinks, and off-whites, while others choose bold colors that represent their fiery personalities. You can choose the dress you are most comfortable in that shows off why your partner fell in love with you.

Finding the Right Wedding Invitations

Often, the wedding invites are the first impressions your guests will have of your wedding. You will want to choose the invitation that best matches your wedding style.


Traditionally wedding invitations are white and gold or white and silver. Invitations that follow traditional wedding styles may be engraved and the writing in script. This gives the invites a classy and elegant feel to them.


Modern invitations can be whatever you want them to be. This is also a great choice for brides on a budget. They come in bright colors, various shapes, and unusual sizes, and tend to give the feel of a more casual event. Modern wedding-style invites tend to stand out more.

Choosing a Ceremony Style

Your day should be your way. Not everyone loves the idea of a formal ceremony in a church while others love it. Luckily, you have the power to choose what type of ceremony best suits you and your loved one.


Traditional ceremonies are often done in churches or gardens and tend to be a bit longer depending on the religion. This means some guests may attend the ceremony while others only attend the reception and vice versa.


Modern ceremonies can be anything from extremely simple to extremely detailed. It all depends on the couple. They can choose tree planting ceremonies, sand ceremonies, or something informal on the beach with cocktails. Whatever the couple wants they can do especially if they are not religious.

Floral Arrangement Wedding Styles

Flowers will be a huge part of your wedding decor and a main focal point for many guests.


Traditional and classic wedding styles include lots of soft romantic blooms. Pinks, whites, with splashes of red.


Modern floral arrangements can be in various colors and are exceptionally trendy. They may stand out more than the soft petals of the traditional style and can work with more themes. Some couples may also choose ribbons and accessories to pair with the flowers.


Once you look into all of these you will be able to tell if you want a traditional wedding style or something a bit more modern. Either way, our Georgia venue will work around each couple and ensure their day goes smoothly.