The “In-Between” Friends And Weddings

Choosing your bridal party is a really tricky process. Chances are you have friends from all different times of your life, and you feel close them all in different ways. Not to mention, siblings, cousins, family, etc. Are you afraid of hurting someone’s feelings? Nervous not asking them would change your relationship? Ultimately, your bridal party is up to you, and no one else should influence that. But of course we all have those “in-betweeners”. Not quite bridal party friends, but people you still want to include on your big day. 

Now, as mentioned in another blog post, there are ways to include people in the planning process leading up to your wedding day. But this is more about the actual wedding. You don’t want to insult your friend by asking them to make you pom-poms to decorate, but not actually including them besides that. These are ways we have seen people involved over the years that felt personal and inclusive without them having to be your MOH. 


This is a no-brainer! This is such an important task that you need to put into the hands of someone you truly trust and know will take it seriously. If you have something important or meaningful you want read at your ceremony, who better than a very close friend? It’s an honorable task in a wedding, and most people would be thrilled to be considered.


This is another popular one. Of course you could scour the internet and find someone to officiate your wedding with a simple google search- but is that really who you want? A stranger? What about a close friend who is okay speaking in front of a crowd and knows you as a couple? It’s just as easy to steer that Google search towards finding a program to make them official. Not to mention, you can find all sorts of guidelines for ceremonies, and they can customize it to you as individuals. This is always such a heart-warming touch to a wedding, and something that binds you maybe even more closely than having them as part of your wedding party. 

The Pre-Meal Speech! 

Before you get into the Maid of Honor and Best Man speeches, it’s nice to have someone say some sort of blessing (if you’re into that sort of thing) or thank you to guests in general. This could be a task for a friend! Ask them to say a short prayer, a general thank you to guests for coming, or a short toast to kick off the reception (NO speech. Just a “raise your glasses and let’s eat!”). 

Keepers of the Polaroids! 

This is a really fun thing we have seen at some weddings! Of course you have your photographer, and people will be taking pictures on their phones (unless you have an unplugged wedding), but Polaroids add a really fun touch, especially through the eyes of your guests. But you don’t want just anyone wasting that film! Ask a close friend or two to be on Polaroid duty. Have them snap some fun instants of your most special moments, and supply them with a keepsake box to store them and give to you at the end of the night! You’ll have memories to keep forever, and a friend who was happy to supply you with them. Plus, you won’t have to wait for the photos to get edited before viewing! Instant gratification! 

Song Dedication! 

Another fun tradition we have seen is groups of friends dancing to a specific song together! For example, ask the DJ to call all your sorority sister onto the dance floor, and pump out your theme song! It’s a really amazing gesture to remind them all that while you couldn’t have 26 bridesmaids, you DO consider them important to you and want to celebrate with them specifically.