Outdoor Wedding Photography Ideas

Outdoor wedding photography has become more and more popular over the last few years and is now generally assumed as part of the plan for wedding and engagement photography. With this beautiful trend, it’s helpful to have an idea of what kind of outdoor photos YOU want. What style would best match you and your partner’s relationship and aesthetic? How can you incorporate amazing outdoor engagement and wedding photography into your wedding? A personalized guestbook? Custom place cards? Table decor?

We have put together our favorite ideas for outdoor wedding photography along with tips to get your dream photos! 

Photos on the Beach 

These are some of our favorite wedding photos! Use the beach to capture some beautiful memories in a romantic light. Be sure to utilize the en hour (the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset) for your photoshoot. This will give you about an hour of perfect lighting so be sure to have a schedule planned so that you can get the most of your time. Find a less visited beach to avoid the crowds. 

Some poses to include:

-Slow dancing

-Him twirling you around

-Holding hands and walking

-Sitting in a hammock

-Being swept off your feet (literally)

Photos on a Staircase

Wow, how we love seeing couple’s absolutely gorgeous photos on beautiful staircases! The options here go on and on. You can have a cinderella shoot including a shot of you sitting on the railing and him putting your shoe on for you. Capture you and your partner kissing on the stairs, holding hands walking up the stairs, and sitting on the stairs. The key to stair photos is finding the perfect place. There are so many gorgeous architectures that include stunning staircases. For a beautiful from above shot, find a winding staircase. 

Some poses to include:

-Bride with bouquet

-Couple kissing

-Him carrying her down the stairs

-Him putting on her shoe

-Bride’s shoes

Photos at Your First Date Location

How precious would it be if you and your partner stopped by the place, where you first starting exchanging words, and had a wedding photoshoot? Mimic some of the positions you remember sitting and standing in on your first date. You can make this so fun by creating a story of your relationship with your photoshoot.

Some poses to include:

-The two of you exchanging phone numbers

-Talking and laughing

-Pictures with the same order of food

-Doing the same activity

-Him picking you up (if applicable)

Photos at an Amusement Park

Getting wedding photos taken at an amusement park brings back childhood memories as you are looking forward to a new adventure! Options are endless here. Get romantic photos on the ferris wheel, get fun pictures on the carousel, get cute pictures with cotton candy and won prizes. Get photos based on your favorite amusement park memories.

Some poses to include:

-Kissing on the ferris wheel

-Holding hands and screaming on a scary ride

-Riding the carousel

-Playing the carnival games

-Sharing cotton candy

Some Additional Photography Tips

Splurge on the photographer. At the end of the day, all you have left are the pictures to remember your dream day. Make sure you hire a photographer who has a portfolio that matches your vision and a personality that is fun and easy to work with. Be sure to pick the best times for taking your photos and have a schedule to keep you on track. Enjoy these ideas and plan for your dream outdoor wedding photos!