Makeup Statements for an Expressive Bride

Your wedding day makeup doesn’t have to meet the expectations of anyone else. The entire day is about you and your significant other, and your makeup should make you feel beautiful and be 100% a reflection of you. There’s often the same neutral-colored airbrush sample face found on website after website. 

Be the bride who isn’t afraid to step outside of the box!


A bold, daring lip color can really spice up an entire bridal party! And you don’t have to all wear the same color. Give your bridesmaid ladies a little bit of freedom (you know, within your limits) to experiment and switch up from the plain old neutral lip colored look that most girls go with! It’ll bring so much fun to your photos and would definitely be something new! 


Big, bold lashes can always manage to make a statement. The problem? They use that sticky, icky glue to put fake ones on you! All-day you have to worry about not touching them so they stay in place, and of course whether or not some tears are going to sneak into those eyes (of course they will on such a day) and do any damage! 

Luckily, having your lashes done professionally is a really common thing for women, and so many places offer quality services for it. Do some research for places in your area, and consider having them done before the big day. You’ll want to make sure you ask when the best time would be to get them done so that you’re not racing to fit it in the day before, but you also aren’t weeks into a set and looking like you need a refresh. 

How nice would it be to wake up on your wedding day with flawless eyelashes? Your makeup artist will be thrilled to already have them to work with! 


The same goes for brows! There are lots of options for things you can have done ahead of time. You can get them shaped, tinted, or threaded depending on the look you’d like to achieve. A bride with a bold brow will crush those wedding photos! Don’t be afraid of it! Bold brows are IN! 


Just like a daring lip color, you rarely see a bride who’s willing to get a little bit fun with her eye makeup! 

Eyeshadows can give you just a little pop of color or can help to accentuate your eyes. You don’t have to get into anything TOO crazy, but sticking to a neutral palette is pretty average. Ask your makeup artist to add just a subtle pop of color to your lids and see what a unique difference it would make! And of course, there’s always the trial run to give it a true test!  

Makeup Artist

Your makeup artist is going to be the one to make all of your vintage wedding day makeup dreams a reality, so make sure you are getting what you want! Don’t be afraid to test their skills, ask for their advice to help make you stand out a bit more, and see if they know their stuff! What colors would help give you a complimentary pop? What techniques can they use that would go well with your face shape? Put them to the test!