Every year many brides are glued to the TV to watch the latest wedding fashion trends. We turn to Bridal Fashion Week in hopes of finding new styles we fall in love with and to see the emerging trends for the upcoming year. 


Already, in 2022 we are seeing unique wedding fashion trends that are truly personalized for each bride out there. The emerging dresses are show-stoppers that are unforgettable and put a whole new twist on timeless pieces. 


Get ready for powerful dresses that make bold statements. 2022 is the year to go bold and be unapologetically you with your style.


Going Sustainable

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For all of those lovely couples throwing organic weddings or focusing on being environmentally friendly. You’re not alone. Designers are taking action too. 


This year you will find dresses that are recycled, eco-friendly, and for the brides who want to stand out in a sustainable dress. 


You no longer have to compromise your personal style to find ethically made wedding dresses. It’s time to start shopping around. 


Traditional Gowns With Bold Accessories

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Traditional gowns will never go out of style, but you will see tons of twists added to them this year. Add in bright and bold accessories to make this your own, and use these wedding fashion trends as inspo.


Finding the perfect dress takes work and you want it to be memorable. It’s the year to try out wedding chokers, embellishments, or colored gloves. 

Alternative Wedding Outfits

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If you are a bride who hates wedding gowns, 2022 is dedicated to you. Not all brides love wearing dresses, and that’s okay. 


One of the best things about this year is there are tons of alternative options. You can go for a short business wedding dress, a jumper, or something you would wear to a party. 


It’s the time to be yourself and let your unique style shine through. Alternative options can be just as jaw-dropping as an expensive ballroom gown. We can expect this to be a huge wedding fashion trend in 2022. 

High Necklines

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You may be surprised to find that necklines on wedding dresses are rising. You may be thinking this isn’t your style, but some of the dresses will leave you head over heels in love. 


Choose something with a high neckline, with intimate lace, and a mermaid tail, to create an alluring look. This is a unique take on wedding dresses and perfect for those flamboyant brides who want to show off on their big day. 

Add In Bright Color

Flower wedding dress in gray Color wedding dress with Without corset

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Pops of color turn a white dress into something that no one can take their eyes off of. Whether you choose a belt, gloves, or a dress with print, this is a great way to add to your own style.


It is going to be one of the biggest trends we see in 2022 because we are embracing our true selves this year. You no longer have to plan a wedding around conventional norms or wear the dress your grandma once wore. 


Choose something bright and add pops of color to your dress. One more wedding fashion 2022 trend to pay attention to is adding in black!

When To Purchase Your Wedding Dress?

Before your big day, you should be getting alterations to your dress. Picking out the right dress can happen anywhere from one year to six months before your chosen date. Once you have the venue picked out and you can envision yourself walking down the aisle, it’s time to start dress shopping.